Welcome to the Creator Highlights page, where we highlight creators who are currently crowdfunding to make content for and about our communities. Because LGBTQ representation is important and sometimes the best way to get authentic LGBTQ content is to make it ourselves. So if you’re looking for projects to support please take a look below and let us know if there are others we can list too!

 If you have a crowdfunding campaign coming up or know of another LGBTQ creator who is trying to fund their project please fill in our submission form.

We are not personally involved in any of the projects listed below. Highlighted projects are chosen based on a submission or on publicly available information.


I Bit the Lemon

Goal: $2900
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Synopsis: When Olie meets up with her friend Liam after returning back from travelling, she is unfortunately reunited with an ex crush, Annabel. A bond reforms, causing Olie to become addicted to love (again) and host a slam poetry night to win over Annabel’s heart. Olie’s addiction becomes clear through experimental sequences of her subconscious; heightening the symbolic aspect of emotion she has towards Annabel’s actions. As Olie’s judgement is clouded by Annabel’s manipulative ways, she falls into a dark hole of emotions, which leads to her being trapped in love.

From A to Q

Goal: $12,728
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Synopsis:  When Alex wakes suddenly from a dream, in which she confesses her love to a girl, her whole world is turned upside down.

She uses the following weeks to understand herself and slowly come to terms with who she mayt be all the while trying really hard not to push her best friend away.

After all, coming out isn’t easy.

From A to Q is a story of friendship, coming out and learning to love yourself.