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Welcome to the ClexaCon Community support page, those who are creating content for and by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Representation is important and sometimes the best way to get authentic LGBTQ+ content is to make it ourselves!

On this page, we will highlight upcoming projects by LGBTQ+ creators, ClexaCon Film Festival Alumni and more! 

If you are looking for support for your film/tv series, comic/graphic novel or other projects, please send us your information via this submission form. 

We are not personally involved in any of the projects listed below. Highlighted projects are chosen based on a submission or on publicly available information.

This week, we have two projects that we will be highlighting for our ClexaCon Community Spotlight! 

First up is the brand new Latina Superhero Graphic Novel, LOQUITA. Created and written by  by Kayden Phoenix, this is third character that has been created within the A LA BRAVA, the Universe of Latina Superheroes 

LOQUITA is from Miami, Florida and is a sophomore in high school. As she comes into womanhood, she gains her powers. Loquita starts to see demons and is scared beyond belief. It doesn’t help that no one else can see them. A ghost, Sissel, asks Loquita to help save her and although Loquita has no idea how, she accepts. Loquita follows the clues leading her deeper into the supernatural, all while maintaining her grades and family life.

The LOQUITA team needs your help in raising funds to print and distribute the first edition of the book. You can learn more about the A La Brava universe and how to support them by visiting


Next up we have the new film Writer/Director, Shawna Khorasani (LoverGirl), Popping the Question. 

It’s the most romantic day of the year, and Nina has a super special dinner planned for Lizzie, her girlfriend of three years. Nina intends to propose to Lizzie, but little does she know, Lizzie has some big news of her own…

Shawna is an award-winning indie filmmaker who loves telling queer feel-good stories. She wrote Popping The Question to bring much-needed positive representation to WLW stories!

The team needs your help to bring this story to life! Visit their campaign for more info and to support this project!

Every Friday, we will be highlighting some of our past ClexaCon Film Festival alums and catch up with them to check out what their latest projects!

This week’s featured filmmaker is Dalila Ali Rajah.

Dalila is a creative powerhouse (actor/director/producer/writer) who was named one of The Advocate’s Entertainers of the Year in 2018.  She has been part of the ClexaCon Film Festival  as an Actor (Dyke Central, Getting Started) and also as a Producer (Dyke Central, Other Loving). She also one of the creators of the hit digital series, Cherry Bomb and you may recognize her from some of her guest starring roles on Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS and How to Get Away with Murder.

Currently, Dalila is developing her own television projects and also has some film and television roles that you will be hearing about soon!

You can find Dalila on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and her website at


Every Friday, we will be highlighting some of our past ClexaCon Film Festival alums and catch up with them to check out what their latest projects!

This week, in celebration of Black History Month, we asked some of our alums to tell us which Black artists they admire.  

Dalila Ali Rajah
I love Cecily Tyson’s work obviously,  but if we are talking still on this side of the veil, Regina King, Jurnee Smollett, Viola Davis come to mind first.

Lagueria Davis
I have so many inspirations, but for this I’ll lean into my admiration for Toni Morrison. I read her book, The Bluest Eye when I was in middle school. As an avid reader, this was the first book that I’d read that featured a Black girl as the protagonist. It was the first book that spoke to me about what it meant to navigate white spaces as a Black girl. Mind you, it wasn’t required reading, it was a book that I picked out on my own. That in of itself also spoke volumes to me, especially as I continued my public education only having a single book penned by a Black woman author on our required reading list. That book was Maya Angelou’s, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

As a writer, it was important for me to not only read, but know that there was more than one Black woman author so that I could feel not only inspired, but empowered to continue along my path as a scribe. Toni Morrison has been quoted saying, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” That is one reason why I write.

Ashlei Shyne
I really admire Natasha Rothwell. She’s best known for playing Kelli on Insecure. She’s also a writer on Insecure and a former writer on SNL. I think she’s brilliant, incredibly funny, and relatable!  Another person would be Regina Hicks! She also works on Insecure and basically all of my favorite TV shows ever created in Hollywood. Plus she’s queer!

Caryn K. Hayes
I May Destroy You destroyed me so Michaela Cole is current career crush. The show was relatable and wrecking in all the ways, and coming on the heels of Chewing Gum, I can’t help but stan at the dexterity. Whew! And she walked away from Netflix like a boss? These awards shows can never; they tried it but we know.

In the coming weeks learn more about these amazing ClexaCon Film Festival alums! 

Featured Project - Big Queer Book Club Podcast

This week’s ClexaCon Community Spotlight is for the podcast, “Big Queer Book Club”. The podcast is hosted by Kendra and Amanda who read books with Queer celebs and allies about queer stories or by queer authors and then discuss the book on the show!

They are looking for new listeners and would love your support! (FYI – you may hear some of your ClexaCon faves on a few episodes!)

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Follow them on  Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

 Filmmaker Friday-Stephanie Neroes

Every Friday, we will be highlighting some of our past ClexaCon Film Festival alums and catch up with them to check out what their latest projects!

This week’s featured filmmaker is Stephanie Neroes. Stephanie screened at the 2018 ClexaCon Film Festival with the series,  Fauk My Life.  Since then, Stephanie has continued her storytelling in both film and television. Stephanie won both a Critic’s Choice Award and Peabody Award for her work as an editor on the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly.

In celebration of Black History Month, is there  Writer/Director/Actor that you admire and why?

Whoopi Goldberg was a huge influence in my life way back when she was doing stand-up comedy. Just to see someone who looked like she did, someone who looked like me, excel during that time was very impressionable and allowed bme to dream of a career in entertainment. (By the way. . . she was robbed in 1985!)   (CC: for her nomination for Best Actress in the film, The Color Purple)

Also, Director Gina-Prince Blythwood killed it with the film, The Old Guard. She proved that Black female directors are just as capable, if not moreso than their white male counterparts!)

What are you working on now?

I am currently editing on season 4 of the Netflix series, Atypical. (sorry Cazzie fans, we couldn’t get anything out of her). 

You can catch up with Stephanie on Twitter at @faukmylife and on Instagram at @stephanie_neroes. 

Lady Buds is a documentary feature film by Chris Russo (Director/Producer/Writer) .

Synopsis: Six courageous women emerge from the shadows of the cannabis underground to go legal. But with corporations taking over the industry, these trailblazers risk everything to make their American Dream come true in the very market they helped create.

Help the Lady Buds team by donating to their crowdfunding campaign! The film is set to premiere in 2021 and needs your help to get to their premiere!

You can check out the trailer and donate to the film on their GoFundMe campaign. 

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their Website for more info!


Ecokind is an organization that focuses on creating kindness in and towards our world. The organization started out as an educational environmental page, but with the new blog, their current aim is to be a platform for LGBTQIA+ voices to be heard. Brooke Parker, the founder of Ecokind is inviting you to send in your stories, so that LGBTQIA+ youth can have positive representation from real people. For more info and to submit your work, visit the website:

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