Support LGBTQ+ Creators! 

Welcome to the ClexaCon Community support page, those who are creating content for and by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Representation is important and sometimes the best way to get authentic LGBTQ+ content is to make it ourselves!

If you are looking for support for your film/tv series, comic/graphic novel or other projects, please send us your information via this submission form. 

We are not personally involved in any of the projects listed below. Highlighted projects are chosen based on a submission or on publicly available information.

Tagg Magazine started in 2012 with a dream and a mission: to be your source for everything lesbian, queer, and under the rainbow. We’re proud to be Black queer-owned and trans-inclusive.

But times have been tough: Tagg is just one of two queer women’s print publications left in the United States. We need you to help us continue to tell LGBTQ women’s stories—our stories—for years to come. Your Tagg Shop purchases and donations allow us pay our staff, maintain our print publication and website, provide free resources and events, and so much more. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or you’re just getting to know us, we are truly grateful for your support.

You can lend your support by visiting the Support Tagg Magazine website