Scholarship applications for ClexaCon 2022

ClexaCon has been described as life-changing; a safe space for LGBTQ+ women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people and our allies to meet, share our interests and make new connections that can make our lives better.

We know that it is tough to sometimes make ends meet, or even to be accepted for who you are at home, work or school. So, we want to help more people attend ClexaCon 2022 and we will help cover some of the costs of getting you there.

Send us a 350 word maximum essay about why ClexaCon is an important, life-changing event for you and you could be accepted into our Scholarship program. We want to hear your story, and how much of a difference attending ClexaCon 2022 could make to you.

Scholarships will provide free entrance to ClexaCon 2022 Anaheim in-person, or virtually for those who cannot attend in-person. The total number of scholarships awarded changes each year. If you’d like to help support our scholarship fund please contact us at [email protected].

ClexaCon Scholarship Fund Badge