ClexaCon 2020: Writers Lab

New for ClexaCon 2020, we’re adding a full day Writers Lab in partnership with Sapphire Books!   

Join us for panels, workshops and networking events focused on writers and aspiring writers. Learn the ins and outs of adapting your stories for the screen, how to turn your fanfic writing into a novel, hear from published authors about how to take your writing to the next level and more!  

Check out the schedule and speakers below and grab a Writers Lab pass here!

Time and Location

Date: Thursday, April 16
Time: 9:00am to 5:45pm 
Room: TBA

Schedule (subject to change):

9:00am-9:30amCheck in
9:30am-10:45amPower Up Your Writing!
Presenter: Isabella

Learn how to power up your writing using action-packed verbs and potent synonyms. Is your writing moving forward or is it stuck in neutral? Effective use of action, beats, and rhythm can help get rid of that sagging middle. We’ll talk about defining your theme and arc with high- impact terms that will keep your book on track and your characters focused. Did you know that most strong, tightly written, coherent, and successful narratives can be described in just one crucial thematic word? Yep, one word! In this workshop, learn how to identify and distill the essence of your novel and start Powering It Up.
11:00am-12:15pmMapping Your Genre, Story, Characters, and Book
Presenter: Isabella

Learn how to brainstorm your genre, characters, story, and series using mapping techniques. Handouts will be provided while we go through guided exercises that will help you build your world, your characters, and your story in a way that can invigorate your writing.
1:30pm-2:45pmBuilding Intimacy In Your Novel Without Using Sex
Presenters: Sarah Turtle and Patricia Evans Cox

Sex is great—and fun to read (and write!)—but we all know that sex doesn’t always equal intimacy. You’re not just building intimacy between characters; you are also creating an intimate relationship between the characters and the reader, and you don’t want to cheat her out of an emotional investment in your novel. Let’s explore how to craft compelling scenes that engage the reader and bond the characters together—without throwing them between the sheets.
3:00pm-4:15pmYour Editor, Your Best Friend
Presenter: Heather Flournoy

Red ink. Drill sergeant. Hijacking your words. Changing your vision. Working with an editor can seem downright scary if these are thoughts that come to mind when you think about revising your writing. Fear not, as this workshop will dispel the common misconception of “Editor As Enemy” and instead highlight the partnership between you and the person who most wants to see you shine: your editor. Surprise! Together we’ll unpack and clarify all aspects of the editing process, like determining what kind of editing you need, choosing the right editor, and what to expect from the editing relationship. We will also cover several key elements, tools, and techniques that will assist both you and your editor in transforming your draft into a polished manuscript. Editing is necessary—but not necessarily evil. Come learn how the right editor is not only your best friend, she is also actually on your side.
4:30pm-5:45pmBuilding Diverse Characters In Your Novels
Presenters: Patricia Evans Cox, Sarah Turtle and Virginia Black

Diversity comes in many shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities. How do authors build authentic characters that reflect the broad spectrum of the LGBT community? We’ll tackle issues like cultural differences and sensitivity, stereotypes, and how to navigate the rich possibilities—and pitfalls—of writing inclusive, genuine characters.