Thursday Badge Pick-up & Pool Party

Don’t forget your bathing suit!

ClexaCon Badge Pickup Party - Thursday, Oct 7

Join us for the ClexaCon 2021 edition of the badge pickup and pool party! Arrive early to the convention and enjoy a full afternoon of fun by the pool! You can get your badge and have an amazing time without ever having to leave the Tropicana.

Anyone who has been to a convention has horror stories about badge pick-up lines. Usually involving hours of stress, boredom, and more boredom. At ClexaCon we like to do things a little differently. So, attendees are invited to join us at the pool for a Badge Pick-up Party where you can not only pick up that all-important Con Badge but have a few drinks, play some games, take a dip, and meet old and new friends.

Badges can also be picked up for your friends at the Badge Pick-up Party if you have their ticket barcode.

Badge pick-up will be on Thursday October 7th, 2021, at the Tropicana Pool from 11am to 4pm. We’ll have DJs, plenty of pool floats and games, you’ll be able to purchase food and drinks and there’s even a swim-up blackjack table.

But don’t worry if you miss it, you can still pick up your badge at the Con.

Bring your bathing suit and your floaties as we chill in the calm before the storm that is ClexaCon 2021! Because really, who doesn’t want to drift around a tropical pool on an inflatable unicorn?!

The Tropicana Pool
(Just look for the unicorns & rainbows!)
Thursday, October 7th, 2021
Time: 11am-4pm
Dress Code:
Your finest swimming and poolside attire!

Photos from previous Pool Hangouts