2021 Panels, Workshops & Podcasts

The panels, workshops & podcasts scheduled for ClexaCon 2021

Check out our lineup of Panels, Workshops & Podcasts for ClexaCon 2021! And we’ll be adding more over the next few weeks!


Panel Spotlight: Teenage Bounty Hunters with Devon Hales and Maddie Phillips

Bi+ Representation in the Media

Despite bi+ people making up one of the largest portions of the LGBTQ community, bisexual representation is still rare in media. When bi+ characters do exist, they are often portrayed as mentally unstable, flighty, and unfaithful. These stereotypes are harmful to our community and the way in which we are treated by others in real life. Join us as we discuss the importance of improving bi+ representation and inclusion in television and film and celebrate the positive, well-rounded characters that we are starting to see.

Panelists: Kari Alison Hodge, Giovannie Espiritu, Evangeline Laveau, Jenna Brown
Moderator: Morgan Riedl

Directing Sex Scenes

When done well, sex scenes can add a lot to a story, but what does it take to actually film them? Join filmmakers in the business as they break down what it really takes to film a sex scene from the viewpoint of the actors and director.

Panelists: Jaclyn Chessen, Kari Alison Hodge, Kristina Pupo
Moderator: Jett Garrison

Devon Hales & Maddie Phillips (Teenage Bounty Hunters)

Enemies to lovers is a trope we all love, and Stepril gave us all that we wanted – except a happy ending! Devon Hale and Maddie Phillips join us in-person to talk about Teenage Bounty Hunters, all things Stepril, and what it’s like to be a part of such a popular ship.

Panelists: Devon Hales, Maddie Phillips
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Diversity & Inclusion: But Make it Queer

Diversity is being invited to the Party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Diversity and Inclusion have become hot topics in the last several years, but where do LGBTQIA+ people fit within DE&I and what efforts are being taken to ensure that LGBTQIA+ people are not just invited to the party, but given the support and resources to participate fully and succeed. In this panel, we’ll talk about the LGBTQIA+ experience of navigating the non-inclusive dance floor and turning it into a dance party, for all of us.

Panelists: Sy Bernabei, Liza Katsman
Moderator: Candida Valentina

Inclusive Conversations in Storytelling

This is a discussion beyond simple representation and is regarding including ongoing queer and social justice issues in pop culture and storytelling. This is a deep look at queer representation, tropes, and diversity in pop culture media.

Panelists: Adelena Rodriguez, Annie Segarra, Rachel Siota, Sarah-Caitlin Williford
Moderator: Jessica Mason

Lexa’s Legacy

The death of the character Lexa on The 100 was one of many queer female character deaths in the 2016-2017 season. Together they marked a turning point for LGBTQ+ fandom and finding a voice for our community to push back and demand better representation on TV. But the character of Lexa had arguably the largest impact, igniting a passionate fan base that led to the creation of ClexaCon as well as organizations like LGBT Fans Deserve Better and a massive fundraising push for the Trevor Project. Each year we look back at the legacy of Lexa and all that has been achieved since that episode.

Panelists: Lilly Brown, Caitlyn Clear, Jessica Mason
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Marginalization Where You Least Expect it: Navigating Issues in a Close Knit Community

We’ve all been in a place when or where we didn’t feel “Queer” or “Black” or “Latin” or anything enough to fit someone else’s perspective of what or who we should or should not be, but honestly, it’s not about someone else’s perspective. It’s about finding and owning our own. We would like to discus how do we approach this and come together as a community without shunning our fellow LGBTQIA+ POC family.

Panelists: Nick Flair, Clyf Hangar, Evangeline Laveau, Adriana Luce
Moderator: Candida Valentina

Podcasting 201: The Next Steps

In Podcasting 201, the hosts of Lez Hang Out and other panelists will teach you about monetizing your podcast, putting on live shows and growing your audience. This is for the podcaster who’s already learned the audio basics and wants to learn how to fund and grow their show.

Panelists: Kristin Murison, Renee Santos, Jackie Monahan
Moderator: Ellie Brigida

Polyamory and Popular Media

Polyamory is drawing a lot of media attention these days, and consensual nonmonogamy is growing among the LGBTQAIU+ community. From comics like Kimchi Cuddles to films such as Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, poly creators and characters and their experiences are placed front and center. Join the panel for a rousing disussion of consensual nonmonogamy and its footprint on the popular imagination.

Panelists: Stephanie Sullivan, Sonya Saturday
Moderator: Tara Madison Avery

Trans & Non Binary Representation in Media

The impact of visibility in the media is undeniable. Perceptions are formed through what we see and hear. With diversity on screen beginning to rise, Trans representation is still battling to be given the equal footing it rightfully deserves. Shows such as Pose, Sense8 and Supergirl are leading the charge with Trans talent in roles in front and behind the camera. Join us as we discuss the impact these stories can have, share your favorite characters and debate what needs to be done to get better all round representation on screen for the Trans community.

Panelists: Dr. Christina Patterson, Sav Rodgers, Sonya Saturday, Riley Silverman
Moderator: Jett Garrison


Panel Spotlight: Amy Acker

Amy Acker (Person of Interest, Angel)

From Angel to Person of Interest to The Gifted, Amy has brought so many of our favorite characters to life! We are so happy that she can join us again this year to relive some of those great moments!

Moderator: Riley Silverman

From Chakrams to Subtext: The Legacy of Xena

The Legacy of Xena – In a time of heteronormativity on television, a queer community cried out for a hero. Xena was exactly that for a generation of lesbian, bi and queer women. Arriving at the dawn of the internet and a time of tremendous growth for the LGBTQ community, Xena changed the media landscape and created fan communities that still thrive today. Take a look back at the series, the subtext, the love, and the fandom that paved the way for many to come.

Panelists: Camille Elston, Jackie Monahan, Sarah-Caitlin Williford
Moderator: Jessica Mason

How The Heck Do I Finish?

Are you a content creator with great ideas, but no finished product? We’re here to help! This panel of successful writers, artists, game designers, and directors will share all the tricks they used to finish their projects and release them into the world.

Panelists: Elishia K. Constantine, Lagueria Davis, Morgan Riedl
Moderator: Rae Magdon

Kiana Madeira (Fear Street)

Kiana Madeira blew us all away in her role as Deena in the Netflix trilogy Fear Street and you probably also recognize her from her role on Trinkets. Join us as we talk to Kiana about her role as Deena, a badass heroine of color who is completely confident in her queerness and what’s up next for the rising star.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli

LGBTQ+ Actors

Join us to celebrate the actors who are loudly and proudly members of the LGBTQ community as they discuss their careers and the fears and realities of being queer and in the public spotlight. Hear about what it’s like to come out in the industry, how coming out and being out has affected the roles and opportunities that are available, what it’s like to portray a queer character as a queer person, and how they feel about the support of our community. Don’t miss this chance to hear from and support actresses at the forefront of LGBTQ visibility in the industry!

Panelists: Bethany Brown, Giovannie Espiritu, Valerie Rose Lohman
Moderator: Riley Silverman

Panel Spotlight: Mary Chieffo
Panel Spotlight: Toya Turner

Mary Chieffo (Star Trek: Discovery)

How do you say Badass in Klingon? You know Mary best from her role the Klingon Commander L’Rell on Star Trek Discovery. We’ll talk to Mary about her role in bringing L’Rell to life and representation in the Star Trek Universe!

Moderator: Jessica Mason

QUEER BIPOC Representation in Media

While media coverage and on-screen portrayals of LGBTQ issues have improved substantially over the past few decades, representation for queer people of color, especially in non cis-men centered media, is still lagging far behind. Join us to discuss where we stand and how we can develop, empower, and support more diverse voices from our communities through an intersectional analysis that can change the narrative across all media platforms.

Panelists: Camille Elston, Elishia K. Constantine, Kristin Murison, Lagueria Davis, Clarissa Thibeaux
Moderator: Caitlyn Clear

Queer Representation: The Psychological Impact of Seeing Ourselves in Media

Depictions of LGBTQIA2 individuals in media has many impacts, many of which positively affect our psychological wellbeing. Join our panel of Psychology experts to discuss how seeing ourselves depicted in stories has shaped our worldview.

Panelists: Dr. Lauren Chapple-Love, Dr. Christina Patterson, Dr. Tanisha Ranger, Elizabeth Wong
Moderator: Precious Love-Chapple

Queering the Documentary

Documentary films can range from political to personal and everywhere in between. Queer documentarians offer glimpses into varied aspects of queer life. They’ve brought us films like Queering the Script and Disclosure which discussed a need for more LGBTQ representation in the media and films that highlight community members and important allies like Circus of Books, Jewel’s Catch One, The Death and Life of Martha P. Johnson. They also examine and report on political matters such as the film “8” and they bring us personal stories such as “Circus of Books”. Today’s speakers are among these trailblazers and we are thrilled to be able to speak with them today about their work.

Panelists: Bren Coombs, Lagueria Davis, Geneva Faye, Larin Sullivan
Moderator: Sav Rodgers

The Rise of the Alphabet Mafia on Social Media

The impact of visibility in the media is undeniable. Perceptions are formed through what we see and Alphabet Mafia members, assemble! Let’s continue the discussion that started at ClexaCon Virtual about finding and building community online with some new voices! With people’s shortening attention spans, and a plethora of social networks to choose from how do you build and maintain community online? These panelists have a pretty good idea. Listen in as they share their experiences and expertise.

Panelists: Lilly Brown, Rose Montoya, Rivkah Reyes, Isabella Rocha
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Toya Turner (Warrior Nun)

Attention Halobearers! Shotgun Mary is back! We’re excited to have Toya back to chat more about her as Sister Mary in the show, Warrior Nun, and more!

Moderator: Caitlyn Clear


Panel Spotlight: Amalia Holm
Panel Spotlight: Avalance with Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan

Amalia Holm (Motherland: Fort Salem)

Scylla Ramshorn is not quite your average cadet at Fort Salem. Is she a good witch? Is she a bad witch? Can you be both at the same time? Join us for a 1×1 interview with Amalia Holm from Motherland: Fort Salem to about Rayelle, spells, fandom, and more!

Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Caity Lotz & Jes Macallan (Legends of Tomorrow) 

Director Sharpe and Captain Lance reporting for duty! Let’s catch up with Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance) and Jes McCallan (Ava Sharpe) to talk Avalance and that wedding!

Moderator: Jessica Mason

ClexaCon Collabs: How to Make Queer Content With Your New Best Friends

Every creator needs a producer, every writer an editor and every woman, a BFF. Clexacon is the perfect place to find your creative team and take your vision from paper to production. Two Queer women share their success story of how their Clexacon meet-cute developed into a strong creative partnership yielding a podcast, and the production of a pilot for their series, Out in Love. With tips on long distance pre-production, team building and nailing creative chemistry; learn how to take your new connections to the next level and build your own queer empire with a little help from your friends.

Panelists: Kristina Pupo, Elishia Constantine, Jorie Burgos
Moderator: Ellie Brigida

Creating Art in Uncertain Times

How do you create art during the world-wide pandemic if you are unable to film, rehearse or get on a stage? Listen to this group of creators about how they pivoted to new ways of storytelling during 2020.

Panelists: Hannah Liebreich, Jett Garrison, Kari Alison Hodge, Renee Santos, Taylor Gates
Moderator: Rae Magdon

The Flame the Musical

A Q and A and talkback with the creators and cast of The Flame the Musical

Panelists: Ellie Brigida, Valerie Rose Lohman, Kristin Murison
Moderator: Caitlyn Clear

LatinX Representation in Media

While there has been a rise of stories featuring LatinX characters on film and television, the same tropes seem to still pop up over and over again. Meet these storytellers and listen to them discuss the ways they are using their work to create positive representations of their community.

Panelists: Geneva Faye, Kristina Pupo
Moderator: Annie Segarra