2019 Panels & Workshops

The panels and workshops scheduled for ClexaCon 2019

Alice & Iza

Panelists: Bridget McManus, Mandhala Rose, Guinevere Turner
Moderator:  Christin Baker

The short “Alice & Iza” is about two strangers who have a one night stand. We see their connection unfold as we see how they got to their night together. Join the minds behind this beatiful tale for a discussion and Q&A!

All the Kudos: A Celebration of Fandom through Fanfiction

Panelists: Karen Frost, KL Hughes, Ellen Simpson, Rianilda Yap
Moderator: Alex K. Thorne

With the evolution of fandom in the last few years, we’re seeing more canon couples on screen and less need to fill gaps in the narrative with fanfic. So where do we go from here? We invite all writers and readers of fanfic to join us in a discussion exploring and celebrating this new era of fandom.

Amber Benson: Tara Maclay and the Legacy of Buffy

Panelists: Amber Benson
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Lesbian relationships had been addressed on US television before, but none made a greater impact in the early 2000s than Buffy’s Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay. Though revered and heralded as TV’s first long-term lesbian relationship, they were not immune to the BYG trope, and Tara’s death would echo years later with the loss of Lexa. In a TV landscape that offered few lesbian characters, Tara Maclay was a beacon for many women who were desperately searching for representation in the nineties. Amber’s portrayal of the quiet yet powerful witch continues to endure and cross generational boundaries; no matter how old we are, we can all find a piece of ourselves in Tara Maclay.

Are Butch/Femme Characters Outdated?

Panelists: Christine Svendson

Writing across the spectrum means incorporating more gender fluid characters, but do we have to lose the butch/femme dynamic, or do they still have a place in our writing. Let’s talk about how to add more characters in the spectrum.

Aromantic and/or Asexual Meetup

Moderators: John Arrow & Kelsey O’Regan

This is a safe space to discuss asexual and aromantic identities and experiences. Whether you’ve identified as ace/aro for awhile or you’re new to the journey–or even if you just have questions and want to learn more–come connect and make new friends!


Panelists: Caity Lotz, Jes Macallan
Moderator: Jess Harris-DiStefano

It was a slow, torturous burn before the Avalance ship fired its canons. But since then Caity Lotz and Jess McCallan have captained the fandom to monumental heights. Through events that would leave most people defeated, Sara and Ava overcame adversity to give viewers hope that love can conquer all. Join Caity and Jess as they discuss Avalance, fandom and the future of heroic queer love.

Bi+ Representation in the Media

Panelists: Nicole Pacent, Caryn Hayes, CB Lee, Mariya Shcherbinina, Marie-Diane Grouchka
Moderator: Chelsea Steiner

Despite making up one of the largest portions of the LGBTQ community, individuals who identify as bisexual are rarely seen in media. When they are, they are often portrayed as mentally unstable, flighty, and unfaithful. These stereotypes are harmful to our community and the way in which we are treated by others in real life. Join us as we discuss the importance of improving bisexual representation and inclusion in television and film and celebrate the positive, well-rounded characters that we are starting to see.

BIFL: The Series

Panelists: Amber Rivera, Daren Taylor, Kelsey O’Regan, Anisha Adusumilli, Mandahla Rose, Haviland Stillwell
Moderator: Christin Baker

BIFL was created by and for a wide variety of LGBTQIA+ identities and mental health experiences. The series is about intersectionality grounded in meaningful, real-life situations; both behind and in front of the camera, it’s about our communities being seen and heard. Join some of the actors and creators behind BIFL The Webseries as they discuss the show and answer fan questions!

Black Lightning

Moderator: Diona Reasononver
Panelists: Nafessa Williams, Chantal Thuy

Is that the roar of Thunder or the sound of Black Lightning fans going crazy for Nafessa Williams and Chantal Thuy? This Black Lightning power couple will be taking the stage to talk all things #ThunderGrace

Black, Queer, & Nerdy Womxn

Panelists: ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, Reign G, Valerie Complex
Moderator: Isake Smith

Living at the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation is its own special barrier in fandom culture. The lack of representation, the myriad of ways that folks are asked to ignore a part of their identity, and the subtle and overt violence black queer womxn face both online and in real life is often a deterrent for folks to engage. This panel is an opportunity for Black queer womxn who are looking to build community and begin creating content to share best practices and ask questions. Moderated by cosplayer and co-host of the podcast Cheers & Queers, Isake Smith.

Budgeting  (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Marina Rice Bader, Jenna Lawson, Jaclyn Chessen, Lisa Cordileone

This panel will give you tips and tricks to know where to put production funds to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Breaking into Book Publishing for Aspiring Writers

Panelists: Rachel Gold, Andi Marquette, Kim Turrisi
Moderator: Robyn Vie Carpenter

Today’s marketplace has so many options: self-publishing, small press, the big publishers. We’ll talk about the benefits and downsides of each and how to determine where to begin submitting your work. We’ll also address ways to build and maintain audiences, including: short stories, gaming stories, fanfic, blogging, networking and more.

Butch Representation: Invisible Women in Media

Panelists: Heather Currie-Martinez, Jess Harris-Distefano, Shelbie Cohen

Follow up to the popular 2018 ClexaCon panel, Invisible Women: The Marginalization of the Female Identified Butch in Queer Media. Heather and Jess will be discussing butch representation in media in 2018: what Producers got right, what they got wrong, and what they can do better.

Carmilla Fan Meetup

Panelists: Zett Stai, Shelby Mullenex, Gloria Junn

Let’s keep Carmilla alive! Despite no new content last year, the Carmilla fandom is still going strong. Meet other Creampuffs and share your love for the tiny journalist and her broody gay vampire.

Case Study: Passage (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Christin Baker, Hillary Esquina, Jaclyn Chessen
Moderator: Nancylee Myatt

From Pitch to Production The story for the webseries “Passage” was an idea in Hillary’s head for a while. She was inspired by Emily Andreas at ClexaCon 2017 and submitted to tello’s Pitch to Production contest, she won. ClexaCon 2018 she had a staged reading of it and now ClexaCon 2019 “Passage” at the festival. This panel will tell the story of how it went from an idea to a pitch to a series.

Casting Your Project (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Stefani N. Deoul, Marina Rice Bader, Nancylee Myatt, Sonia Sebastian, Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Finding the right chemistry with people is so important. Find out how you can audition people, do chemistry reads and get the best cast for your project.

Cabronas y Chingonas Podcast Live

Panelists: Cynthia Garcia, Myte Sosa

Cabronas y Chingonas is a weekly podcast is hosted by two queer Latinas who are on the constant search for the best queer and POC representation in the media. Join them for a live recording to find out what their latest discoveries are.


Panelists: Annie Briggs, Natasha Negovanlis
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

You don’t need to have mystical powers to know that when Annie Briggs and Natasha Negovanlis perform together, magic happens. Former Carmilla castmates reunite in a new quirky, charming and queer series Clairevoyant. Annie and Natasha will open your minds and illuminate on how the show came to be and maybe a glimpse into the future of this hit new series.

Clexa Roundtable

Panelists: Kaye Sands, Spencer Madison, Andi Marquette, Javier Grillo-Marxuach

An open exchange between creators, actors, and LGBT fans about all things Clexa, their impact, their continued relevance, to facilitate a much needed conversation about positive representation.

The ClexaCon Film Festival Filmmaker Forum

Panelists: Lagueria Davis, Emmalie El Fadli, Marin Lepore, Mia Naipaul, Chelsea Woods, Sierra Schepmann
Moderator: Stacy Jill Calvert

Join several of our DIrectors from this year’s ClexaCon Film Festival and learn about how their brought their short films and web series to life.

Coming Out Pod: LIVE

Panelists: Nicole Pacent, Lauren Flans

Cohosted by Nicole Pacent (Anyone But Me) and Lauren Flans (Wild ‘N Out), the podcast “Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole” invites you to attend a LIVE recording with special guest Briana Venskus! Coming Out is a weekly podcast where queer folks from all walks of life tell the tales of how they came out to friends, family, and the world at large, and since it’s launch in June 2018, the pod has featured coming out stories from such guests as Stephanie Beatriz, Stevie Boebi, and Natasha Negovanlis. Coming Out was first announced at Clexacon 2018, so this live recording really brings things full circle and gets at the heart of Clexacon’s mission to empower media creators to produce and distribute more positive LGBTQ content.

Crafting the Score – the role of Music in Film and Media (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Allyson Newman, Carla Patullo, Nami Melumad, Wendy Armitage, Emer Kinsella

A panel of female composers discuss the process of scoring music to film, TV and multimedia projects. Panel will be exploring the vast possibilities of how music can enhance a project, breaking down the steps involved, and best practices for working with composers.

Creating Diverse Stories Without Tokenism

Panelists: Victoria Stagg Elliott, Karen Shoffner, Rachel Gold, CB Lee

Diversity is an admirable goal, but how do you do it well without playing diversity bingo, resorting to tokenism, or appropriating a story that’s not yours to tell? In this workshop, bestselling, award-winning lesbian romance author Elizabeth Andre (in actuality an interracial lesbian couple from the Midwest) will walk you through the steps of diverse storytelling.

Creating Inclusive Books and Podcasts

Panelists: Mona Darling, Angelique Luna, Miko Alicea
Moderator: August McLaughlin

Books, stories and our voices (yes, including yours!) can help change the world. Whether you’re interested in starting your own podcast, penning your first book or strengthening the content you’re already creating, this panel is for you! Our panel of experienced experts will address common myths and concerns about inclusive and otherwise progressive content creation, share their own trials and triumphs and answer attendees’ burning questions.

Crowdfunding Dos and Don’ts (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Jess Harris-Distefano, Christin Baker, Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Moderator: Caitlin Combes

Learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign from people who have tried and succeed and tried and failed. We are tossing in some data on successful campaigns for good measure!

Death By Avalance: A Legends of Tomorrow Fan Panel

Panelists: Nic H, Cat Zimm, Ashley Kay
Moderator: Kevin Bacheldor

Death by Avalance is a live fan video hangout/chatroom hosted by Ash & Nic that follows new weekly episodes of the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. While Legends of Tomorrow may be the most ridiculous show on tv, it provides us with the perfect escape from reality without sacrificing character development or underlying, heartfelt storylines. Join us as we discuss the prominence of strong female characters, positive queer representation and our love for Avalance [the relationship between Captain Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and Director Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan)].

Decolonizing Queer Spaces

Panelists: Alexis Sanchez, Holly James, Sheryl Wright
Moderator: Sam Campbell

With most of the world having been colonized by the west, we are left with only broken remnants of precolonial beliefs. Now that more and more indigenous people around the world are working to reclaim and revitalize their beliefs and ways of being, how can we ensure our queer spaces aren’t forcing western ideals of gender and sexuality onto groups with more nuanced and complex understandings of these topics? We are going to hear from people of different indigenous backgrounds to see how we can make our spaces and education as decolonized as possible.

Detachment: A Staged Reading

Panelists: Christin Baker, Virginia Black, Christa Morris, KT Jorgensen, Brianna Venskus, Bridget McManus, Guinevere Turner, Carolyn Ratteray, Emily Goss

Come watch a staged reading of a brand new upcoming Tello webseries, “Detachment.”

Billie Casper lives in a remote village with what she believes are the last remaining survivors of a devastating virus. When a group of outsiders arrives, Billie discovers she’s the only hope against an unseen threat… and the leader of this mysterious group of strangers might hold more for her than she ever dared to dream.

Directing Sex Scenes

Panelists: Christin Baker, Marina Rice Bader, Guinevere Turner, Bridget McManus

When done well, sex scenes can add a lot to a story, but what does it take to actually film them? Is it as awkward as you’d think?! Join filmmakers in the business as they break down what it really takes to film a sex scene, from the viewpoint of the actors and the director.

Directing the Feature Film

Panelists: Wendy Jo Carlton, Sonia Sebastian, Laura Madalinski
Moderator: Stacy Jill Calvert

Directors from several of this year’s highlighted Feature Films in the ClexaCon Film Festival will gather and discuss the trials and tribulations of bringing a feature film to life.

Disabled and LGBT+

Panelists: Annie Segarra, Stevie Boebi, Joe Dunn
Moderator: Alexis Hillyard

Come be part of a discussion on the intersection of being disabled and LGBT, accessibility, stigma, dating, community, and more.

Disrupting for change: Building Inclusive Communities

Panelists: Sandra McCallum
Moderator: Kathleen Harquail

This workshop will empower participants to create a core set of values essential to creating positive change and rights-respecting communities. Participants will identify communities they belong to and impact (geographic, workplace, online, fandom, cultural, etc.), and through reflection and critical analysis, develop strategies for impactful change in their communities.

Dumbledore’s Army is Still Recruiting: How to Use Fandom for Activism

Panelists: Janae Phillips

With over a decade of experience, the Harry Potter Alliance is here to share tried and true methods for harnessing fandom for activism. We’ll cover campaign basics, building your narrative, and putting joy into your work. Leave with ideas for how you can start your own heroic adventure!

Earp It Forward – The Impact and Potential of Fandom for Positive Change

Panelists: Kristen M, Sarah F, Geffen K, Zett S
Moderator: M.E. Ptaszny

Earpers answer the call: giving time, money, support, a kind word of encouragement, and performing acts of kindness in all shapes and sizes; through projects like Earp It Forward, fan fundraisers, and other fan collaborations the Wynonna Earp fandom has become an engaged and active force for positive change. This panel will look at the power of fandom as a tool for collective action and the impact service has on people’s well-being, especially as part of a larger community. Fandoms are powerful, let’s talk about how to unleash that untapped potential within ourselves, our communities, and worldwide.

Earper Meetup

Join other Earpers to chat about everything Wynonna Earp!

Earp It Forward – The Impact and Potential of Fandom for Positive Change

Panelists: Kristen M, Sarah F, Geffen K, Zett S
Moderator: M.E. Ptaszny

Earpers answer the call: giving time, money, support, a kind word of encouragement, and performing acts of kindness in all shapes and sizes; through projects like Earp It Forward, fan fundraisers, and other fan collaborations the Wynonna Earp fandom has become an engaged and active force for positive change. This panel will look at the power of fandom as a tool for collective action and the impact service has on people’s well-being, especially as part of a larger community. Fandoms are powerful, let’s talk about how to unleash that untapped potential within ourselves, our communities, and worldwide.

Escape to Gain Safety

Panelists: Brenna Frandsen, Sam Campbell

Throughout the world LGBT2s+ people are often in places that are unsafe; it is important to always know how to protect yourself. Last year Megan Smith lead the first Clexacon self defense workshop; this year we aim to expand that knowledge and show you all how to be aware of danger, get out of unsafe situations, and escape to gain safety.

Exploring Gender through Cosplay

Panelists: Bari Block and Jax (Calico Jackson Photography)
Moderator: Dorian Block

Gender bending has existed in the world of cosplay since the inception of the art and becomes increasingly popular as representation in pop culture becomes more prevalent. MaeBerry Cosplay will explore how to stay on top of the times by respectfully creating convincing and stunning crossplays and gender swapped characters so you can portray your favorite characters no matter the gender or lack thereof.

Fact and Science Fiction Podcast Live!

Panelists: Karly Kownslar

Fact and Science Fiction is a podcast about the real science behind science fiction. This live podcast will dive into superheroes and special abilities using examples from fan favorites such as Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and more. This podcast is for people who want to know ‘How would it work?’

Female-Focused Production from A to Z: Writing, Legal, Production, Distribution  (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Nancylee Myatt, Marina Rice Bader, Toni Long
Moderator: Lily Richards

Whether you’re producing a film or a web or TV episodic, understand the creative and production process, while being inclusive of women/queer women in your stories, crew and writers rooms. Our panelists, including an independent filmmaker, a showrunner, a production attorney and legal expert on cast/crew contracts will guide you through the A-Z’s of making your content.

Femslash Fandom as a Community of Support

Panelists: Brianna Dym, Rae D Magdon, Elaine Venter
Moderator: Wendy Armitage

Researchers Brianna Dym and Elaine Venter team up with author Rae D. Magdon to explore the ways in which femslash fandom has been a space of safety and support for LGBTQ people. In this panel, we explore how this community has helped those in need while coming out, different careers people have jumpstarted from femslash fandom, and ways in which we can continue to improve the femslash community.

Funny as Folk: A Queer Comedy Panel

Panelists: Kelley Quinn, Kelsey Bailey, Amelia Bane, Silvia Menendez, Jordan Myrick, Jess Henderson, & Aimee Lutkin

A group of queer-identifying writers and performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theaters in New York and Los Angeles talk about creating indie comedy true to your queer-ass voice. Cast includes Kelsey Bailey (Lifetime), Amelia Bane (HBO), Jessica Henderson (HuffPo), Silvia Menendez, Jordan Myrick (Story Pirates, Reductress), Kelley Quinn (Viceland, Reductress), and Aimée Lutkin.

Finding LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources

Panelists: Molly Mitchell, Jamie Ward, Mariya Shcherbinina, Marie-Diane Grouchka

As members of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be daunting to find mental health resources. This panel will include helpful tips for finding both in-person and online options for counseling and self-care.

From Concept to Realization – Making something out of nothing!

Panelists: Lisa Cordileone, Sonia Sebastian, Marina Rice Bader, Jade Jenise Dixon, Rebecca Shoptaw

Have an idea of for a series or movie? Want to get it made, but don’t know how? Maybe you just need money to make it happen? If you want to learn how to work outside the box for your specific project requirements to meet your goals join us… and bring your ideas!

The Gaysian Project Presents: Celebrating Queer Asian Americans in Media and Fandom

Panelists: Chantal Thuy, Andrea Walter, CB Lee, Nicole Espinosa
Moderator: Maya Reddy

From Grace Choi (Black Lightning) to Nico Minoru (Marvel’s Runaways) to Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters), queer Asian Americans are coming through on screen like never before, but we’ve got a long way to go. What does it mean to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and the Asian American community, and where do those identities intersect? How do they inform ones experience and work? Join Chantal Thuy (Grace Choi), director Andrea Walter, author CB Lee, and scholar Nicole Espinosa as we celebrate who we are, who we’ve been and who we want to be.

Get your Pitch Deck Together (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Jane Clark, Christin Baker, Lisa Cordileone, Brent Miller

You have a nice body of work, your reel is solid and you are ready to pitch to investors or to producers, but what do you do? This panel will help you think about your pitch deck, what things need to be part of it and what are a few need-to-know things to get you ready for your pitch.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Panelists: Cat Davis, Karman Kregloe, Bridget McManus, Kristen Smith

If you have a happy wife chances are good that you will live a happy life! The hilarious talk show Happy Wife, Happy Life will give you (unofficial) marriage advice from two couples to help you have a very happy life! Join Bridget McManus, Karman Kregloe, Cat Davis and Kristen Smith as they answer the tough and not-so-tough relationship and marriage questions.


Panelists: Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Special Appearance: Annie Briggs
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Gather round Creampuffs! Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis are reuniting once again on-stage for a Carmilla Reunion and will discuss their web series and movies alike.

How I Got That Gig: Queer Television Writers

Panelists: Krystal Banzon, Christina De Leon, Regina Y. Hicks, Naomi Iwamoto, Diona Reasonover
Moderator: Stacy Jill Calvert

TV Writers, Christina De Leon (iZombie), Krystal Banzon (I Feel Bad), Naomi Iwamoto (Happy Together), Diona Reasonover (I Love You, America, Adam Ruins Everything), Noelle Carbone (Rookie Blue, Wynonna Earp), and Regina Hicks (Insecure, The L Word) discuss their journey to becoming a staff writer & share their experiences of being the unicorn in the Writers’ room.

A How To Guide: Protecting Your Podcast, Blog or Web Series

Panelists: Amanda Golob

Can you use copyrighted material on your podcast/blog/web series? Should guests sign a waiver? We will provide you with a step by step guide on how to protect your project.

I Made My Project, Now What? (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Bridget McManus, Jess Harris-Distefano, Jane Clark, Hope Cronin

SVOD, TVOD, AVOD- these are common terms used to describe the different business models that you can choose for your finished project. There are pros and cons to each and this panel is here to unpack your options

Pitch Perfect! The Art of Storytelling

Panelists: Rhonda Marable, Marlene Forte, Susan Surftone, Julie Marie-Hassett, Robyn Vie Carpenter, Mona Elyafi

The Importance and Power of Storytelling: Whether you’re an artist, a journalist and/or a PR/marketing specialist, how do you use the craft of storytelling to communicate. What makes a great story?

The Importance of Queer Representation in Burlesque

Panelists: Silver Kitsune, Royal Tee, Edie Bellini , Evangeline Laveau
Moderator: Candida Valentina

Queer representation is important in all aspects of life but it’s even more important in a sex positive, body positive environment. We will talk about the effects its had on us and our hope for the future. We’ll also talk about body positivity and loving the skin you’re in. Embracing your sexuality and being able to share it.

Invisible Latinx Vol 2.

Panelists: Alexis Sanchez, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, Annie Segarra
Moderator: Reign G

In the last year we have seen an increase in Queer Latinx representation with shows like Vida, Claws, One Day at a Time, Pose, and Brooklyn 99. Yet, there are still areas where queer and Latinx identities are still treated as two separate identities; Queer Latinx people being misrepresented or falling into well worn tropes. Exploring Latinx representation through a queer lens, this panel will provide an update on what we have seen change in the past year, and what we hope to see in the future of Latinx representation.

Let’s Get Cliterate!

Panelists: Chelsea Steiner, Melissa Price

It’s no surprise that the sex ed we get in high school is sorely lacking, especially when it comes to queer sex and sexuality. Join us for this fun, frisky and informative panel as we discuss communicating with your partner(s), our favorite toys and tricks, and take anonymous questions about sex from the audience!

NOTE: This panel is for adults 18+ only.

Lexa’s Legacy

Panelists: Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Shelbie Cohen, Mika Epstein, Noelle Carbone
Moderator: Jess Harris-Distefano

Join us for a special Lexa’s Legacy to reflect on the incredible legacy that Lexa has left behind with Writer and Executive Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The 100, Lost), Executive Producer Noelle Carbone (Rookie Blue, Wynonna Earp, Saving Hope) co-creator of the Lexa Pledge, Shelbie Cohen of LGBT Fans Deserve Better and Mika Epstein of LezWatch TV.

Lez Geek Out! Live

Panelists: Lise MacTague, Andi Marquette

Join podcasters and lesfic authors Andi Marquette and Lise MacTague for a live recording session of Lez Geek Out!, a queer feminist podcast. Lise and Andi explore the nexus of popular culture and the queer community in the geekiest ways possible.

Lez Hang Out Live

Panelists: Leigh Holmes Foster, Ellie Brigida

Join us for a live recording of Lez Hang Out! Join hosts Leigh Holmes Foster and Ellie Brigida for the next installments of their “Should’ve Been Gay” series! The “gift that keeps on giving”, help us dream of living in a homonormative world, where all our favorite ships are together, and everyone is just a little more gay.

LGBT Fans Deserve Better Presents: TV Scoring

Panelists: Shelbie Cohen

How can a TV Scoring system help combat negative LGBT representation? After gathering feedback on the system and how we collect the data, we’re ready to give people another look at our TV Scoring System, a tool we’ve designed to evaluate the quality of LGBT Representation on television shows across all platforms. We’re hoping you’ll join us to see the changes we’ve made (or see it for the first time!), how the shows featured at this years’ ClexaCon rank, and how you can help.

LGBTQ Actors

Panelists: Ser Anzoategui, Nicole Pacent, Mandahla Rose, Carolyn Ratteray, Dot Marie Jones, Diona Reasonover, Briana Venskus
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Join us to celebrate the actors who are loudly and proudly members of the LGBTQ community as they discuss their careers and the fears and realities of being queer and in the public spotlight. Hear about what it’s like to come out in the industry, how coming out and being out has affected the roles and opportunities that are available, what it’s like to portray a queer character as a queer person, and how they feel about the support of our community. Don’t miss this chance to hear from and support actresses at the forefront of LGBTQ visibility in the industry!

Living at the crossroads: Intersectionality in Queer Media

Panelists: Alexis Sanchez, Valerie Complex, Diane Chen, Annie Segarra
Moderator: Reign G.

Open discussion about what it is like living at the crossroads of multiple identities, and trying to find yourself in queer fandom and media. We will be discussing what shows are getting it right, how others can improve, and what we wish we saw more of in queer media.

The Magic Behind Wayhaught

Panelists: Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Emily Andras
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

SyFy’s hit show Wynonna Earp exploded onto our screens 3 seasons ago with its fun, feminist subversion of both western and genre tropes, as well as its myriad of female characters. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught grabbed our hearts as WayHaught and haven’t let go. Join stars Dominque Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and showrunner/creator Emily Andras and a room full of Earpers to celebrate all things WayHaught and Earpy.

Making Your First Short Film (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Jenna Larson, Jaclyn Chessen, Stefani N. Deoul, Sonia Sebastian

You have an idea, you have your script written but what do you do now? This panel will give you the tools and ideas to get your idea from paper to production.

Marketing and Selling Lesbian Fiction

Panelists: Barbara Ann Wright, Carsen Taite

You’ve written a novel with a lesbian or bisexual protagonist. Now what do you do? Come learn how to market your work and how best to sell it from award-winning authors Barbara Ann Wright and Carsen Taite.

Mazikeen: The Devil in the Details

Moderator: Valerie Complex
Lesley-Ann Brandt

From the pages of the beloved comic book, to the small screen phenomenon, Lucifer has gained loyal fans and a reputation for being an unapologetic look into the deepest desires of humanity. Without a doubt one of the most popular characters on page and on screen is Mazikeen, the pansexual demon body guard of Lucifer who struggles to find her own place in the mortal world. Lesley-Ann Brandt gives us an inside look at what it takes to play such an iconic role, how Maze fits in with the relationships she is forging and her hopes for Maze’s future.

The Misconceptions of the Plus in LGBTQ+

Panelists: Chrys Nieves, Amber Nardolillo, Erin Lewis, Shelby Mullennex
Moderator:  Joe Dunn

Answering questions and filling in the blanks for the + in LGBTQ+. Hear from people who can tell you the intricacies of being pansexual, asexual, aromantic, non-binary, and disabled transgender.

More is More: Polyamorous Representation in Media

Panelists: Katie Sosa, Maurissa Weiner, Sam Campbell, Nicole Pacent
Moderator: Leigh Holmes Foster

Despite many people finding it deeply fulfilling, polyamory is widely ignored in the mainstream as a way to build and share meaningful and lasting connections. In this panel we will be discussing the complexities of polyamory and why its representation in media is so important in ending the stigma surrounding this way of loving.

Mother Queerest: Queer Parenting in the Media

Panelists: Tracy Levesque, Jess Harris-DiStefano, Hillary Esquina, Heather Currie-Martinez, April Funiestas
Moderator: Leigh Holmes Foster

Television loves to give queer women a “trying to become parents” story line, but is it at all realistic, or just for sideshow entertainment and to fulfill a diversity checkbox? In reality, most queer pregnancy and parenting portrayed on television is filled with inaccuracies, which actually leads to misperceptions of how queer families are created. Join this panel of queer moms as they discuss the state of queer parenting on television and how it needs to be represented.

Not all Queers Wear Capes: The Evolution of Queer Women in Mainstream Comics)

Panelists: Alexis Sanchez, Reign G.

Valkyrie (Marvel), Persephone (WicDiv); America Chavez (Young Avengers), Karolina Dean (Runaways), Jo (Lumberjanes), Thunder (Black Lighting); from all ages comics to black bag secrets, queer women are all over the pages of your favorite comics. Join our panel of comic creators and avid readers to review a brief history/discussion on queer women in comics; highlighting some of the controversial past, and looking forward to the future.

Nikki & Nora

Panelists: Christina Cox, Liz Vassey, Nancylee Myatt
Moderator: Jess Harris-Distefano

“Nikki & Nora” was a 2004 pilot for UPN (now the CW). In the pilot, Nikki (Liz Vassey) and Nora (Christina Cox) are a couple who live in New Orleans and work as detectives for the NOPD. When “Nikki & Nora” did not get a series order the DVD of the pilot was leaked onto the internet which exploded into hundreds of pages of fan fiction dedicated to the couple. In 2013 tellofilms gave Nikki & Nora a second life in the “N&N Files” webseries. Come join Christina Cox (Better Than Chocolate, Defying Gravity), Liz Vassey (Riley Para, CSI), and creator Nancylee Myatt (South of Nowhere, 3Way) for fun panel about the impact this project has had on them and their fans.

NSFW: Horny on Main

Panelists: Ashley Smith, Stephanie Johnson, Melissa Taylor.
Moderator: Nicole Espinosa

Join Las Vegas queer nerd experts in Horny on Main/Fandom Be Wild: an exploration of the NSFW, down-and-dirty side of fan art. Are you a scalie or a furry? Do you have a secret android crush? This panel is the place to let your freak flag fly. Fandoms discussed includes: Clexa, Supercorp, Korrasami, Venom, Detroit Become Human, Siren, Legends of Tomorrow, Overwatch, and Steven Universe.

Please note this panel is for fans 18 and up.


Panelists: Caity Lotz, Katrina Law
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Intense is one way to sum up Nyssara. Unforgettable is another. Bringing together two powerful women, struggling against inner demons, destiny, internal and external conflict isn’t an easy ask for any actress. But Caity Lotz and Katrina Law not only achieved it, they then set the bar high for any relationship to follow. You won’t want to miss this epic panel where Sara and Nyssa’s history, motivations and emotions will take center stage and cut your feels to the bone quicker than one of Nyssa’s arrows.

One Day at a Time

Moderator: Chloe Tse
Panelists: Isabella Gomez, Sheridan Pierce

Join Isabella Gomez and Sheridan Pierce as they discuss the hit Netfilx show One Day at a Time! Covering topics from mental health to addiction, consent to toxic masculinity, racism to classism, ODAAT also gave us the incredible queer characters Elena and Syd. Join them to hear about the creation of the series and get some inside information about the journey of Elena and Syd.


Panelists: Nadia Bjorlin, Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia
Moderator: Dana Piccoli

Join Chrystal Chappell, Nadia Bjorlin and Jessica Leccia as they discuss Otalia’s fandom and support, the slow building of the storyline on Guiding Light and the migration to Venice.

Passage: The Web Series

Panelists: Shannan Leigh Reeve, Mandahla Rose, Nicole Pacent, Hillary Esquina
Moderator: Jess Harris-DiStefano

Passage The Series was created after writer/producer Hillary Esquina was inspired at the first ClexaCon to tell more stories for the underrepresented in the genres fans love. Join the series’ creator and some of the cast as they discuss this show and answer questions as this sci-fi/fantasy project comes full circle.

Pitch to Production Presented by Tello Films, Part 1

Panelists: Paige Bernhardt, Bridget McManus
Moderator: Nancylee Myatt

Participants at this workshop will receive some helpful pitching tips before the workshop. ‘Writers,’ chosen at random, will have three and a half minutes to pitch their idea to professional writers, creators and producers on the panel. The panel will give provide helpful development notes to expand their pitch. (Attendees do not have to be a part of the contest to attend workshop)

A fun and interactive workshop geared toward helping writers get their ideas out of their heads and into a successful pitch. Having a good idea is one thing, but getting it sold, developed, shot, picked up and on the air is like winning the lottery. And it all starts with the pitch! Tello Films and ClexaCon strive to support upcoming filmmakers and writers who want to make content for our community. Finalists will move on to Pitch to Production Presented by Tello Films, Part 2 for chance to win a production deal with Tello Films.

Pitch to Production: Presented by Tello Films, Part 2

Panelists: Christin Baker, Nancylee Myatt

Finalists chosen from Pitch to Production Presented by Tello Films, Part 1 will have the chance to pitch their ideas to Christin Baker, Bridget McManus and Vanessa Piazza.

One winner will be chosen to work with Tello Films on development and pre-production of their series. The grand prize is either $1,500 to go towards the production budget and a 6-month distribution deal on tellofilms.com OR a $100 stipend if the winner chooses not to move forward. (Attendees do not have to be a part of the contest to attend workshop.)

Podcasting 101

Panelists: Nicole Pacent, Lauren Flans, Karly Kownslar, Rachel Paulson
Moderators: Leigh Holmes Foster, Ellie Brigada

Join hosts Leigh Holmes Foster and Ellie Brigida of Lez Hang Out as they cover the basics of starting your own podcast! Hear the experiences of current podcasters as they talk about what it takes to go from an idea to a fully produced and published show. It’s so important to get more queer voices out there, so come learn more about finding your niche, finding guests, getting equipment to fit your budget, editing tips and mixing techniques to bring your podcast to life!

The Power of Joy in Queer Media

Panelists: Britta Lundin, Julia Ember, Jenn Polish, Lissa Reed, Rachel Davidson Leigh
Moderator: CB Lee

We’re here, we’re queer, and we want happy stories. What does joy mean to LGBTQ+ creators and how does it reflect in our work? For queer audiences especially, it is important to have stories that show us getting to be happy—whether that’s falling in love, going on adventures or saving the world. Join writers and creatives as they talk about the power of joy in queer media and what it means to see ourselves happy, loved, and brave on the page.

Problematic Faves

Panelists: Catherine Meushaw, Alexis Sanchez, Reign G.

Loving Annabelle, The L Word, Wynonna Earp, Supergirl, Glee. Going beyond the “guilty pleasure” there are shows and movies that are loved by the queer community, but are also problematic AF. Join us as we discuss why we love these shows/movies so much; why they can be good rep for the queer community, but also why they make us cringe.

Propping Yourself Up!! How to build props to support your favorite Cosplay character

Panelists: Maren Maclean Mascarell, Debbie Esparza
Moderator: Mandy Embry

This panel dives into building props, both from scratch as well as combining found objects. We will be utilizing materials like EVA foam, clay, warbla, and more… Please note, we will be using power tools in the panel.

QPOC Meetup (Thursday)

Panelists: Erika Abad

If you’re arriving early, meet with other QPOC who are attending ClexaCon and share your plans for the weekend.

QPOC Meetup

Panelists: Erika Abad

Come and meet with other QPOC to make friends and talk about issues related to representation of our communities in media.

Queer Digital Nomads: How to Travel and Work at the Same Time

Panelists: Beck Power, Jessa, Sami Gardner, Danielle Zarcaro
Moderator:  Robyn Vie-Carpenter

How queer womxn entrepreneurs can use their unique skills to create small businesses, and work from wherever they want while traveling the world.

Queer Fans Deserve Data

Panelists: Tracy Levesque, Mika Epstein

We will tell our story of fandom, passion, code and the desire to see fair and positive LGBTQ representation on television. LezWatch.TV is an online database and queer entertainment news site created by two TV-obsessed lesbian web developers to catalog and document queer female, transgender and nonbinary characters, and their corresponding shows from TV, web, and streaming media with the goal of providing free and easy access to information on the best shows with queer characters and shows in the genres fans want to see. We will also present analysis on the current and future state of representation from the data we have collected.

Queer Girls, Superheroes, and Sidekicks: Who Gets to have Happy Endings?

Panelists: Jenn Polish, CB Lee, Valerie Complex
Moderator: Erika Turner

From Supergirl to America Chavez; from the pages of novels to the pages of comic books; from Person of Interest to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; queer girls often only get to be superheroes at a cost. In this panel, we’ll explore the subversive nature of queer happiness and the power of stories in which the girl gets the girl and neither of them die. By sharing our own creative journeys and inviting the audience to reflect on theirs, we’ll open up queerly joyful possibilities for all the writers, readers, and Watchers (Buffy pun intended) in the room and beyond.

Queer Lady Business

Panelists: Sally Heaven, Christin Baker, Rebecca Barrick, LaShawn McGhee
Moderator: Andi Marquette

What do you do when mainstream companies just aren’t making the content or products that you want? You do it yourself. Join these queer women-owned and queer-women-serving businesses to hear how they started, how they grew, and how they continue to thrive.

Queer People of Color Representation

Panelists: Caryn Hayes, Diona Reasononver, Maya Reddy, Erika Abad, Jade Jenise Dixon, Lagueria Davis, Holly JamesKill
Moderator: Chloe Tse

While media coverage and on-screen portrayals of LGBTQ issues have improved substantially over the past few decades, representation for queer people of color, especially in non cis-men centered media, is still lagging far behind. Join us to discuss where we stand and how we can develop, empower, and support more diverse voices from our communities through an intersectional analysis that can change the narrative across all media platforms.

Queer Representation in Music

Panelists: Braxie Jacobson, Lo Troutt, Alyssa Tassart, Diana Calica, Abbie Bosworth

Queer Representation in music is lacking just as it is in so many other forms of media. During this panel, we’ll talk about our interest in music, how seeing ourselves in music helps us, and what we can do to support queer artists.

Queer Representation in Video Games

Panelists: Heather Currie-Martinez, Elizabeth Vlasoff, Mollie (The English Simmer)

Join us once again for a lively discussion of the past year’s queer representation in video games. We discuss what new barriers were broken this year, what games brought new and exciting things to the queer games catalogue, what developers can do to continue to improve representation, and what the fandom can do to ensure a safe and fun experience both on and offline for their fellow video game fans.

Queer Storylines in Therapy: Constructing Your Narrative Through Fictional Characters

Panelists: Mariya Shcherbinina, Marie-Diane Grouchka, Nicole Pacent

Media representation of the queer community has steadily been improving over the recent years – and queer clients in therapy find themselves gravitating toward their narratives in hopes of finding a good example to live by. In this panel, psychologists and media enthusiasts will explain how relating to a well-represented queer character can help develop positive outcomes in therapy, and add to the creation of a well-grounded minority identity.

Queer to Stay: The Future of Indie Cinema

Panelists: Marina Rice Bader, Jane Clark, Dakota DeBellis, Alissa Norby

With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon buying fewer indie films and spending their considerable dollars on more star-driven content, what is the future of independent queer cinema? Our community has historically existed on the independently-financed outskirts of Hollywood, but with a newfound proliferation of queer representation in mainstream titles such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Rough Night, Blockers, Legends of Tomorrow, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Wynona Earp etc., where does indie content fit in? Most mainstream queer representation is still consolidated in the sidelines of screen time with best friend/sidekick roles, so who is left to put fuller, more intersectional stories front-and-center? This panel will discuss, with audience participation, the future of queer female indie cinema.

Queer Women and Trans People in Theatre

Panelists: Haviland Stillwell, Jenn Collela, Diane Chen, Heather Weiss, Jeanette Sears
Moderator: Maggie Keenan-Bolger

From Sara Ramirez to Samira Wiley, many of our queer lady favs come from the wonderful word of theatre. But the theatre industry hasn’t always been so progressive in their representations of queer women and trans people on stage. This panel will discuss how things are changing on and off-Broadway, where progress still needs to be made, and how other forms of media have influenced those representations and vice-versa.

Queer Women Writers Workshop

Panelists: Kimberly Astudillo Amato, Jenn T Grace, B Danielle Watkins, K Rocco Shields
Moderator: Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco

Get into the minds of writers & publishers to find out what it really takes to be a writer & what options are available for getting published.

Queerer Than Thou: Policing and Dogma in Our Communities

Panelists: Candida Valentina, Kia Barnes

We ask outsiders not to make assumptions about our gender and sexuality, so why don’t we extend the same courtesy to the people in our own communities? In this panel we will be discuss “policing” the definition of Queer, when did it start and how it needs to end now. For far too long in any sort of niche community, such as ours, there have always been “gatekeepers.” These individuals often feel like they speak for all members of said community but what these gatekeepers do is create more barriers to overcome and discourage open questions and discussions. We’ve all been in a place when or where we didn’t feel “Queer” enough to fit someone else’s perspective… but it’s not about someone else’s perspective it’s about finding and owning our own. We would like to discuss how we should approach this and come together as a community without shunning our fellow LGBTQIA+ family.

Recapping Queer TV

Panelists: Monica Y, Valerie Anne, Nic
Moderator: Bridget Liszewski

Join Valerie, Nic, and Monica as they discuss their experiences recapping queer TV shows, their processes, and how and why they broke out of the Twitter character constraints to write about the shows they used to only flail about.

Romance Between the (Book) Covers

Panelists: Melissa Brayden, Carsen Taite, Kris Bryant, Elle Spencer, Georgia Beers
Moderator: Barbara Ann Wright

Join best-selling LGBTQ romance novelists as they discuss what TV shows and films have influenced their work, where they get their ideas, what trends they’ve seen, what their readers like, and the joys (and frustrations) that can come from writing women loving women as a career.


Panelists: Virginia Gardner, Lyrica Okano, Ariela Barer, Clarissa Thibeaux
Moderator: Jess Harris-DiStefano

How many times have you wished you could just hole up with your psychically linked dinosaur and best friend gang when the powers that be are getting you down? Just us? Didn’t think so! Marvel’s Runaways grants us both ultimate escapism and the opportunity to seriously explore and challenge diversity in representation on screen. Join us as we talk through all things angsty, glittery, anxious, and other worldly. We lamp you.

SAG-AFTRA Contracts: Everything You Want to Know (but were afraid to ask!) (*Creator Lab)

SAG-AFTRA actors and performers are some of the best in the world. Are you interested in using them in your Web Series, Podcast or Film?

Don’t miss this workshop on how to make your project SAG-AFTRA signatory. SAG-AFTRA staff will cover the benefits of using SAG-AFTRA talent and give an overview of New Media, Dramatic New Media, Short Project Agreements and the recently added, Non-Dramatic and Podcast Agreements.

The Secrets of Writing a Properly Formatted Script (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Nancylee Myatt, Donna Choo, Kylie Condon

Nothing shows that you’re a newbie writer like an improperly formatted script. Maybe you have read a few books on screen writing and/or you’ve sat down with your script writing software and typed one out, which is great! This panel will give you tips and tricks to make sure your script is written for the discerning hollywood eye.

Sex Positive Media & Censorship

Panelists: Sunny Megatron, Isabel Dresler
Moderator: Allison Moon

We’re living through an era of internet censorship that seeks to limit sexual and artistic expression. Tumblr, Facebook, Patreon, and many other resources are no longer welcoming to sex-positive artists, particularly LGBTQ and otherwise marginalized creators. What can creators do to survive and thrive?

#SocialMediaBoss: How to Run Social Media Like a Pro

Panelists: Kylee Cline, Dr. Amber Hutchins, Amber Rivera, Elaine Venter, Alissa Norby

Social media is key in communicating to the digital world and connecting your content to your audience, but not everyone has the time to learn all the social media things. This panel of professionals and professors will help make it easier for you to take advantage of social media. From amateur bloggers to advanced content creators, this panel is for everyone looking to make sense of social media and become a #SocialMediaBoss.

Strong Women in LGBTQ Fiction

Panelists: Georgia Beers, Carsen Taite, Barbara Ann Wright, Laydin Michaels

Whether it come to matters of the heart, the spaceship, the precinct, or the courtroom, LGBTQ fiction continues to explore the strong female character, and all the ways she triumphs. Join this team of best selling fiction writers for a discussion on all the things that make these female characters pop, sizzle, and deliver the goods.

StyriaTypical – A Carmilla Podcast (live)

Panelists: Belinda D, Angie M

Join us for a live version of our podcast where we will be discussing:
1. All things Hollstein
2. Boots on the bed (yay or nay)
3. Answer audience questions
4. Carmilla Trivia (with prizes!)

Tales of the Black Badge: Live At ClexaCon!

Panelists: Kevin Bachelder, Bonnie Ferrar

Join Bonnie Ferrar and Kevin Bachelder as they record a LIVE episode of their popular Wynonna Earp fan podcast. If you’ve heard or attended any of their previous LIVE Tales Of The Black Badge podcast recordings you know how fun and interactive they are. Learn about the latest news from the Earper fandom and join in on a discussion about Wynonna Earp season 4.

Trans Representation in Media

Panelists: John Arrow, Reese Mosley

The impact of visibility in the media is undeniable. Perceptions are formed through what we see and hear. With diversity on screen beginning to rise, Trans representation is still battling to be given the equal footing it rightfully deserves. Shows such as Pose, Sense8 and Supergirl are leading the charge with Trans talent in roles in front and behind the camera. Join us as we discuss the impact these stories can have, share your favorite characters and debate what needs to be done to get better all round representation on screen for the Trans community.

TransForming Media: Behind the Scenes with Trans People in the Industry

Panelists: Abbey Allen, Reese Mosley, Delia Rawdon, Dana Vahle

Breaking into the film and TV industry can be an uphill journey for anyone who doesn’t fit a certain mold. As trans actresses and creators that journey is often much more difficult. With limited roles and cis actors being cast in trans roles, where does that leave trans people in the process? Just how important is it for trans people to be involved in the creative process and behind the scenes for stories to be authentic? Join a panel of trans people who are creating content for our screens and learn about their experiences working in the industry and hear their perspectives on these issues.

Trans Meetup

Come hang out and make some friends as we share experiences and discuss trans representation in media: the good, the bad, and everything in between.

The Words We Use: Lesbian v Queer

Panelists: Jen Rainin, Rivkah Beth Medow, Franco Stevens, Andrea Pino

As fundamentally inclusive beings, women struggle to find a word that describes and embraces all women who love women. Documentary filmmakers Jen Rainin and Rivkah Beth Medow discuss visibility and the different perspectives on the words we use as revealed in the production of Ahead of the Curve, their new film that interweaves the story of Franco Stevens’ founding of Curve magazine in the early 90s with profiles of three modern day activists to provide a compelling through-line of queer intersectional visibility work from the past to the present.

Working with Producers (*Creator Lab)

Panelists: Brent Miller, Stefani N. Deoul, Kylie Condon, Javier Grillo-Marxuach 
Christin Baker

You have written your project and want to make it happen, collaboration is the key in this industry and producers at the center of this collaboration. When creative visions are at stake the emotions can run high, get great insight from industry pros how to work with producers, networks and directors to get the best result for your project.

Vida: Family, Love & Identity

Moderator: Dr. Erika G Abad
Mishel Prada, Ser Anzoategui

A sleeper hit that constantly pushes boundaries, Starz’ Vida gained a lot of traction for its unapologetic and realistic portrayal of queer Latinx individuals going through grief and loss and, ultimately, healing. Join stars Mishel Prada and Ser Anzoategui as they discuss the FLAN-dom and what it means to be on the front lines of both queer and Latinx representation.