2017 Panels & Workshops

The panels and workshops that took place at ClexaCon 2017

A Youth Perspective

Representation in the media the good the bad and the very ugly a youth prospective.

Moderator/Panelist: The LGBT Center

All My Children

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eden Riegel will be together, on-stage at ClexaCon for a long-awaited BAM reunion panel!

Moderator: Chelsea Steiner
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Bisexual Representation in the Media

Bisexuals are often portrayed in the media as mentally unstable, flighty, and unfaithful. These stereotypes can be harmful to our community and the way in which we are treated by others in real life. YA author Jenn Fitzpatrick and media critic Chelsea Steiner will discuss bisexual representation in the media and the importance of positive bisexual inclusion in television and film.

Moderator: Alex Berg
Panelists: Jenn FitzpatrickDebbie-jean LemonteChelsea SteinerJessica Kath

Breaking into Print

Everyone has at least one novel in them, at least one story to share. Five time award winning lesfic author, Alex Westmore (Linda Kay Silva) and a panel of authors will discuss how to break through the publishing barriers to become a published author and make your dreams come true. It happened for them, it can happen for you as well. This is the perfect place to get your questions answered about navigating the tricky roads of lesbian publishing.

Presenter: Alex Westmore

Bring your own bulletproof Vest: How to write damn good TV for Women

Find out more about this Master — scratch that — Mistress class here. Limited number of seats available! Tickets will go on sale for this Special Event Friday November 4th 2016. Don’t miss your chance to learn from Emily Andras.

Presenter: Emily Andras

Conflict and Communication

How and why queer women’s portrayals in the media resonate so strongly with real queer women and how this affects online communication and discourse.

Panelists: Trish Bendix, Alex Berg

Creating a positive, inclusive & amazeballs Fandom Family – Wynonna Earp Style

How a fandom gets off the ground can set the stage for life. A small group of early adopters for the TV show Wynonna Earp will discuss how they came together to build a cohesive community for fans, by fans. Interactive video chats with the cast, podcasts, philanthropic initiatives, giveaways, and T-shirts all help build a sense of shared values and respect for the actors, writers, and other fans. As a unified force to be reckoned with, the Earpers even played an instrumental role in getting the show renewed for a second season!

Moderator: Valerie Anne
Panelists: Kevin BachelderRebecca BarrickBonnie FerrarSally HeavenBridget Liszewski

Creating an Original Web Series

Digital media has become increasingly popular over the past decade, offering easy and convenient access to highly desired, but often scarce, content. Queer fans have found a medium that offers them the privacy and accessibility of enjoying content made just for them. Join Tello Films President and Executive Producer, Christin Baker and Vice President of Development, Bridget McManus as they discuss the creating, filming, and marketing process of a web series.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
Panelists: Nancylee Myatt, Paige Bernhardt, Christin Baker, Aasha Davis, Bridget McManus

Developing Your Idea for Television

This workshop will explore the different options you may have for writing and pitching your TV ideas. We’ll discuss how to find the right target audience, the benefits of writing vs pitching and some of the best ways to work on bringing your idea to the small screen.

Presenter: M. Dickson

Diversity in Comics

Comic Books are the gateway to realms where our imagination can run free. Behind these stories, writers and artists bring together elements of fantasy and reality to push our vision of heroes and our understanding of how societies work. But what challenges do comic book creators face in creating fictional worlds with diverse characters and stories that represent our real world? How do real world issues impact these fictional worlds? And what role does diversity in the fictional worlds of comic books have in shaping our real world future? Join our panelists as they discuss these topics and learn about creators who are pushing for more diversity and better representation in the industry.

Panelists: Amber Garza, Jamie Broadnax, Kayla Sutton, Valerie Complex, Joelle Monique

Ethics in Storytelling

Ethics in storytelling is an ongoing topic of debate. This panel will explore the place of morality within entertainment mediums like TV and film. Join professor and author Dr. Elizabeth Bridges, media critic Gretchen Ellis, and Autostraddle’s Senior Editor Heather Hogan as they discuss the responsibility of writers, censorship, and how stories about LGBTQ people and women play into a wider societal narrative

Moderator: Charlotte Glasser
Panelists: Dr. Elizabeth BridgesGretchen EllisHeather Hogan

Fan Blogging 101

In this beginner-level workshop, brand-new bloggers will learn foundational skills of blogging, including how to choose a blogging platform, building an editorial calendar, choosing social media that works best for you and your blog, and ideas on how to get the word out once your blog has launched. This workshop will include some open discussion time for any questions you may have about starting a fan blog.

Presenter: Feliza Casano

Fan Blogging 201

In this intermediate-level workshop, bloggers with some experience under their belts will explore new skills and ideas to build a better blog, including methods for diversifying your editorial calendar, suggestions for plugins to add to your self-hosted WordPress blog, best social media practices, and building IRL relationships to expand your blog’s reach. This workshop will include some open discussion time for questions and tip-sharing.

Presenter: Feliza Casano

Fanfiction and the Art of a Good Love Scene

This workshop will be presented in two parts: The first part will explore the elements of writing a good story through general structuring, tone, tension, action, climax, denouement — and how to apply it to larger narratives as well as individual scenes. The second part will explore the effective use of physical intimacy in sapphic storytelling. Lily will show you how to choose the appropriate language and vocabulary to deepen sensual scenes. You will discover how to enhance plot and characterization through physical intimacy and how to stay true to your character’s expression of intimacy. Don’t miss out on this interactive, lighthearted, and fun workshop. No writing or fanfic publishing experience required, but you must be 18+ to attend this workshop.

Presenter: Lily R. Mason

Girls Love 101: A Primer on Yuri and Shoujo-Ai Anime & Manga

Yuri and shoujo-ai, the terms for lesbian romance in Japanese anime & manga, have been a steadily growing market among Western audiences for the past several years. These romances, ranging from sweet to steamy, offer a plethora of untapped entertainment (and The Gays don’t get buried. Usually.) Girls in Capes Editor Feliza Casano and Yuri Reviewer Emily London will cover the basics: the difference between yuri and shoujo-ai, classic anime & manga series, traditional tropes, and recommendations available now and coming soon.

Panelists: Feliza CasanoEmily London


Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis will be together, on-stage at ClexaCon for a Hollstein reunion panel!

Presenter: Dana Piccoli

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How Implicit Bias Affects the LGBTQ Community in the Media

Understanding Implicit Bias is at the heart of creating an inclusive and reflective representation of LGBTQ communities in the media. A representative portrayal of these communities adds value and richness to media in its various forms. This presentation will educate on the fundamentals of implicit bias. It will explore specifically how unconscious attitudes towards LGBTQ persons can affect their roles in the media and will offer strategies on how to effectively confront them.

Presenter: Mindy Gulati

How to Raise Investment for your LGBTQ Business: from Crowdfundraising to Venture Backing

Geek culture is becoming more mainstream, but original geeky projects often have a hard time getting funding. This goes double for projects with an LGBTQ bent – often dismissed by publishers as “special interest”, this has led more creators to use crowdfunding to bring their projects to life. This panel will give you tips and tricks for running a successful crowdfunding campaign, with special emphasis on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Moderator: Tara Lynne
Panelists: Christin BakerBecca Roth

How to use YouTube as a Platform

This exciting round table discussion brings together five reaction video YouTubers from the Clexa, Shoot, and WayHaught fandoms. Join Sofia, Elke, Rin, Meg, and Adrienne as they walk us through their social media journey. Here you’ll learn how to create videos for YouTube and other original content for the web, start a YouTube channel, attract a following and, most importantly, how to keep that following engaged.

Panelists: Sofia Rojas, Elke, Rin, Megan Ludwa, Adrienne Carley

I Can’t Think Straight: A Look Back

Join filmmakers Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan as they look back and discuss the filmmaking process of the award-winning lesbian classic I Can’t Think Straight. Based on Sarif’s autobiographical novel of the same name, the film follows the untimely attraction of two women who struggle to navigate their newfound feelings for each other and their prohibited desires as their cultures clash and families disapprove. The film has won multiple Best Feature and Audience Awards in several film festivals and is one of the most beloved lesbian films in its genre. The panel will also include an audience Q&A with the filmmakers.

Moderator: Yael Tygiel 
Panelists: Shamim Sarif, Hanan Kattan

Identity Revealed: How the media can positively impact long term health issues in the LGBTQ community.

The focus of this workshop is to discuss how media and film can positively portray and set the tone for healthy and open dialogue between parents, health care professionals and teachers about the normal stages of development and the formation of LGBTQ identity from ages 5 through 18. Key take aways from this workshop will be understanding the media’s role in raising awareness, education and prevention within today’s LGBTQ youth.

Presenter: Dina Proto

It takes a Village: Allies in the Media

Throughout the past year, allies in the media have helped LGBTQ social movements gain press attention. Allies have supported the conversation as it moved forward in a productive and progressive manner. Join Televerse’s Kate Kulzick and Noel Kirkpatrick as they discuss the importance of media support and how allies can help further the conversation.

Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Bridges
Panelists: Kate KulzickNoel KirkpatrickBridget Liszewski

Lesbian Dating Apps 101

Finding it difficult to meet ‘the one’? Vivienne Errington-Barnes from HER Social App, (the world’s largest LGBTQ dating and social network) gives you all the tips and tricks to optimise your profile. Using data and learnings from nearly 2m users in over 55 countries, Vivienne will walk you through how to set up the perfect profile, send the best opening message and finally meet ‘her’.

Presenter: Vivienne Errington-Barnes

Lexa’s Legacy

March 3rd, 2016. A day that many of us will never forget. In a moment of complete devastation, what once was a community of likeminded fans, became a family. Anger and pain turned into passion as we found our voice together and a movement was born.

One year later, we reflect with content creators and members of LGBTFans on the immediate aftermath of that day and the incredible legacy it has left behind. From fan art to coming out, to continuing the fight for better representation, that day has inspired the LGBTQ community to do and create extraordinary things. Join us to share your stories as we celebrate how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve achieved together. Our story is far from over.

Panelists: April Funiestas, Alex Berg, Alexia Prichard, Jessica Kath, Linnea Jalando-on,  Rin, Tara Stuart

Lez Read! LGBTQ Women in Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

The visibility of LGBTQ women in science fiction & fantasy literature has expanded in the past several years. Join Feliza Casano, Editor at Girls in Capes, in discussion with Emily London, Bookseller at Washington, D.C.’s Politics & Prose Bookstore, as they review their favorite adult and young adult sci-fi & fantasy novels available to pick up right away. They’ll also share a list of upcoming titles you definitely won’t want to miss!

Panelists: Feliza Casano, Emily London

LGBTQ Actresses

Join us to celebrate the actresses who are loudly and proudly members of the LGBTQ community as they discuss their careers and the fears and realities of being queer and in the public spotlight. Hear about what it’s like to come out in the industry, how coming out and being out has affected the roles and opportunities that are available, what it’s like to portray a queer character as a queer person, and how they feel about the support of our community. Don’t miss this chance to hear from and support actresses at the forefront of LGBTQ visibility in the industry!

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
Panelists: Jasika Nicole, Ali Liebert, Elizabeth Keener

Lost Girl

Whether you were aligned with the Light Fae or the Dark Fae, Team Doccubus, Valkubus or Byson, it is hard for anyone to disagree that Lost Girl was a series which quested into new frontiers of LGBTQ representation in mainstream media. It stood out amongst a television landscape that didn’t want to rock the boat, by creating a tempest. Join Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten and Emily Andras as they discuss what made Lost Girl such an iconic series.

Moderator: Yael Tygiel
Panelists: Vanessa Piazza, Emily Andras, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten

Making a Standout Webcast

The world needs more LGBTQ webcasts, and we’re here to talk about what you can do to create and promote one of quality.

Moderator: tba.
Panelists: Tara Lynne, more tba.

Moving from FanFic to LesFic

So you’ve written a great fanfic for years and your friends keep telling you that you should publish it. What’s next? Moving from fanfic to lesfic can be a daunting experience, but it can be navigated a little easier if you keep a few things in mind. Christine Svendsen is an award winning, best selling author in multiple genres. She is also president of Sapphire Books Publishing, one of the fastest growing lesbian publishing companies. Join Christine as she discusses moving your work from the fanfic realm, through polishing your gem, and how to approach a publishing company.

Presenter: Christine Svendsen

Podcasting Your Passion

Is there something, be it a pop culture topic or maybe a TV show, that you’ve got a passion for and want to tell the whole world about it? There’s nothing like sharing your passion in your own voice for everyone to hear. In this interactive discussion panel you’ll hear several podcasters talk about why they podcast and how rewarding it can be to create a community around their podcasts. This session won’t go into technical specifics but will instead focus more on topics like how do I get started, what are the kinds of things that I should be thinking about if I want to give this a try and how much might it cost me to do this.

Panelists: Kevin BachelderBonnie FerrarKris QuanAnnie Smith

Queer Cinema: Making Lesbians Legends

Meet the women whose vision brought some of your favorite queer characters into lesbian cinema. Join Alice Wu, Katherine Brooks, Shamim Sarif, Hanan Kattan and Becca Roth as they discuss the processes behind how their movies came to be, while getting a glimpse of what they would like to see happen for the future of lesbians in film.

 Moderator: Melinda Fox
Panelists: Katherine BrooksHanan KattanBecca RothShamim SarifAlice Wu

Queer Lady Business

How can you create and succeed with a business that markets to LGBTQ geek women in an ethical way? Join women-owned businesses that have women at the core of their business model. Hear how they work to stay afloat and grow without being exploitative or seduced by the almighty dollar. Discuss how can giving back through philanthropy be a central part of a successful business model. Come to learn, and get all up in our queer lady business!

Moderator: Andi Marquette
Panelists: Christin Baker, Rebecca Barrick, Anita Dolce Vita, Sally Heaven

Queer Life Online

Join this group of bloggers as they gather to discuss their tips for beginning bloggers and share information about their favorite LGBTQ blogs.

Moderator: Djuan Trent
Panelists: Debbie-jean Lemonte, Tara Lynne

Queer Representation in Steven Universe

Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe is known for rejecting gender norms and being chock full of queer subtext – and so much of it is portrayed in loving and healthy manners. Join us for a discussion about the strides the show has made and why it’s so important in today’s culture.

Moderator: Tara Lynne
Panelists: Joelle MoniqueGretchen EllisMey Valdivia Rude

Queer Style as Visual Activism

Queer style has immense emancipatory potential that extends beyond the LGBTQ community. It is rooted in a rich history as style as activism and an important tool in our fight for liberation. The panel will explore queer style as an enigmatic art form that is the new fashion frontier and examine queer style as visual activism that creates positive social change.

Moderator: Anita Dolce Vita
Panelists: Danielle Cooper, Charlotte Glasser, Debbie-jean Lemonte

Queer Women in Video Games

Keeping pace with their television counterparts, queer women are becoming more and more common in video games, both as characters and as player protagonists. This panel will discuss the unique characteristics of queer female video game characters, the studios that create them, and the history of queer women in video game media. This panel will also discuss the unique aspects of playable queer women, and how these protagonists have evolved over time.

Presenter: Elizabeth Vlasoff

Queer Women of Color Representation in the Media

Queer women of color continue to be drastically underrepresented in the media. The characters that do exist tend to be stereotypical or short-lived because they are minorities through race and as queer women. Join media critic and co-founder of TheFeminismProject Chloe Tse and managing editor of Tagg Magazine Eboné F. Bell as they discuss positive representation, proper characterization, and how to write better minority characters.

Moderator: Debbie-Jean Lemonte
Panelists: Eboné F. Bell, Chloe Tse, Danielle Cooper, Valerie Complex

Queer Women’s Fashion in Media: From Trope to Empowerment

Queer style thought leaders discuss queer women’s fashion representation in media, including television, film, print, and online sources, and how these representations both limit and liberate us.

Moderator: Anita Dolce Vita
Panelists: Merika Palmiste, Margeaux Simms, Zara Barrie, Debbie-jean Lemonte

Queerbaiting vs Queer Subtext

Despite the increase in explicit LGBTQ representation, there seems to be no end to characters’ whose sexuality is only teased or hinted at by show runners. Is this a way of opening up fan readings of characters sexualities? Or is it a cynical way to keep both conservative and LGBTQ viewers watching? Panellists discuss how much value these portrayals can have for LGBTQ audiences.

Moderator: Rowan Ellis
Panelist: Eve Ng

Reality TV

Reality Television is a genre that provokes high emotions in its cast and in the viewers. Join Margeaux Simms and Merika Palmiste as they discuss their experiences on Marriage Bootcamp and Love and Hip Hop and how queer representation in Reality Television can act as a bridge towards how we are viewed in society.

Moderator: Alex Berg
Panelists: Whitney Mixter, Merike Palmiste, Margeaux Simms

Saving Face

Alice Wu, Lynn Chen and Michelle Krusiec will be joining us for a special Saving Face Reunion at ClexaCon.

Moderator: Yael Tygiel
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Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi will be joining us for a special Shoot Reunion at ClexaCon.

Moderator: Yael Tygiel
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Following a break up, Robyn looks back at her relationships, especially the lack of one with her father. Join Stan Zimmerman and Elizabeth Keener as they shed light on what it takes to create a lesbian led web series which expertly balances comedy and emotion to keep its viewers riveted.

Moderator: Christin Baker
Panelists: Elizabeth Keener, Stan Zimmerman

South of Nowhere

Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave will be reuniting on-stage at ClexaCon for a Spashley reunion event.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
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Speed Pitching

A fun and interactive workshop geared toward helping writers get their ideas out of their heads and into a successful pitch.

Panelists: Zara BarrieNancylee MyattPaige BernhardtVanessa Piazza
Click here for details about this workshop.

Streaming vs. Mainstream: How Streaming Services have changed the Landscape for LGBTQ Stories

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are changing the way we watch TV. Freed of their reliance on conservative advertisers, these providers can take risks on shows with progressive and controversial material, including the opportunity for better LGBTQ representation. Come share your show suggestions and more as we talk about life beyond cable TV!

Moderator: Melinda Fox
Panelists: Tara Lynne, Christin Baker, Chelsea Steiner

The Coming Out Show

The stories of those who have been affected by seeing their likeness in media are just as diverse as the stories that are told. Representation in media intrinsically must be to impact the viewers whose stories mirror, and splinter from, what the stories these shows tell. So join us and share your coming out show stories, as we have a discussion about the shows that shaped us, the characters that continue to give voice to us and fan out over our OTPs. We want to hear your stories, they are powerful.

Moderator: Charlotte Glasser
Panelists: Ashley Guillory, Neil McNeil, Maya Reddy

The Death of the Lesbian Bar

Over the past 5 years lesbian bars have been closing across the world. We’ll be discussing why lesbian bars were so important to queer culture, what has led to these closures & what is the future of queer meeting spaces.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
Panelists: Vivienne Errington-Barnes, Whitney Mixter, Whitney Day, Merika Palmiste, Margeaux Simms

The Early Days of Gay Television and How Far We’ve Come

Lesbian representation has made strides on network and cable television over the past few years. But it wasn’t too long ago that a lesbian character meant sponsors might pull their ads from your show. Learn from TV producers, writers and directors, an insider’s perspective, on how it once was and how they have seen the TV industry change from the inside. And how we as viewers can possibly have an influence.

Moderator: Christin Baker
Panelists: Nancylee Myatt, Stan Zimmerman

The Future of Queer Entertainment

From independent webseries to major motion pictures, what’s happening and what we can do to support queer artists.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
Panelists: Zara Barrie, Chelsea Steiner, Valerie Complex

The Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creator League Presents: Safe Spaces for Creators:

LGBTQ comic creators will discuss their experiences in comics and the importance of building community. They will discuss their success in creating safe spaces for creators and promoting positive representation for queer women in comics.

Moderator: Ashley Rubay
Panelists: Christine Hipp, Megan Madrigal, Francis Quintero

The Power of Queer Social Media

From Glee to The 100, how fans are making their voices heard and changing the television landscape.

Moderator: Dana Piccoli
Panelists: Emily Andras, Bridget Liszewski, Chelsea Steiner, Tara Stuart

The Rise Workshop with BETTY

Art is a mighty tool to unleash personal power. Connecting truth + voice + creative action has fueled movements that have changed the world. The iconic Indie activist band BETTY will demonstrate how music has fueled their progressive messages from The L-Word to the White House for 30 years. Amy Ziff, Elizabeth Ziff and Alyson Palmer lead an entertaining, inspiring workshop that allows attendees to empower their own unique voices for change and more effective communication in a fun, non-judgmental environment.

Presenter: BETTY

The WayHaught Women of Wynonna Earp

SyFy’s hit show Wynonna Earp has exploded onto the scene like a Harley outta hell. Known for its fun, feminist subversion of both western and genre tropes, as well as its myriad of female characters, the show is also celebrated for its passionate pairing of little sister Waverly Earp and police officer Nicole Haught – a relationship known as ‘WayHaught’ by the fans who love it. Join stars Dominque Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and showrunner/creator Emily Andras for a discussion about how Wynonna Earp and WayHaught came to pass – and why the series is so unique in today’s televison landscape.

Moderator: Bridget Liszewski
Panelists: Emily Andras, Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley

Transgender Representation in the Media

Transgender representation in the media is very much lacking and when it is present, it tends to be problematic, stereotypical, and even damaging. Indie film producer Sadie Edwards, diversity consultant Marceline Cook, and Autostraddle’s Trans Editor Mey Valdivia Rude will discuss transgender representation in the media and how it can be better improved. Join these three trans women in this invigorating discussion.

Panelists: Marceline Cook, Sadie Edwards, Mey Valdivia Rude

Using Fan Power for Good

The power of fandom can bring people together, but poor creative decisions and low visibility of diverse populations can be incredibly frustrating for fans across the board. Panelists will discuss how they transformed fandom dissatisfaction into a force of greater good, creating stronger communities and increasing visibility in fandom.

Moderator: Feliza Casano
Panelists: Jamie Broadnax, Rowan Ellis, Kayla Sutton

Visibility and Asexuality

Don’t miss this informative and eye-opening talk about asexuality and asexual representation in the media.

Presenter: Sara Beth Brooks

Where are all the LGBTQ Children’s Characters?

When growing up, no one can avoid the prevalence of cisgender and straight characters on screen (from happily ever romances, to portrayals of parents). The same, however, cannot yet be said of LGBTQ portrayals. Even with recent shows like Steven Universe and Legend of Korra beginning to break down these barriers, we still have a way to go. Panellists discuss why children’s representation is so important, why it has been so slow in coming, and where it should go next.

Moderator: Rowan Ellis
Panelists: Emily London, Joelle Monique

Where do we go from here?

Join Dr. Elizabeth Bridges as she presents a four-part master class on the past, present, and eventual end of the Bury Your Gays trope. She’ll start with the specific origins of BYG in television and film, show where the movement has brought us so far in our efforts to undo its damaging effects, give a rundown of possible solutions for activism and intervention as we move forward, and conduct a breakout session where you can brainstorm your own solutions. The goal of this class is to put participants in a better position to educate the public and the industry about the effects their creative choices have on the LGBTQ community and/or other minority communities.

Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Bridges

Who will Read, Write or Buy our Happily Ever Afters?

Erika G Abad, PhD scavenges cyberspace for LGBTQ writers publishing and outlets interested in LGBTQ voices, finding some limitations. During her presentation, she will talk about what those are and how they parallel and connect with limited positive, multi-faceted representation for queer folx on screen and on the page.

Presenter: Erika Abad

Why Representation Matters

A television show may not change the world, but it can change the minds and hearts of those living in it. Visibility on all stages is vital to achieve the goal of LGBTQ equality and rights, and in today’s divisive political culture, positive representation is more important than ever. The aim of this panel is to discuss and educate on the influential power of minority representation in media and how substantial cultural and political changes can arise as audiences are influenced by the transformative power of storytelling.

Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Bridges
Panelists: Mey Valdivia Rude, Joelle Monique, Alex Berg, Tara Stuart, Jessica Kath

Writing with Style & Diversity

Writers share general writing and self-publishing tips, talk about the best ways to add diversity to your writing in the most organic manner possible, and give some LGBTQ book suggestions.

Moderator: Tara Lynne
Panelists: Kayla Sutton, Zara Barrie, Lily R Mason, Gretchen Ellis

Year in Review

LGBTQ characters have long suffered and been erased in the media, with the 2015/2016 TV season proving to be no exception, managing to kill off an unprecedented number of characters belonging to an already underrepresented community. The LGBTQ community fought back, unleashing a storm of critique and grabbing the attention of mainstream media worldwide.

Members from LGBT Fans Deserve Better, together with media critics will discuss the impact the movement may have had as well as analyze the current standing of LGBTQ representation, exactly one year after the movement was set in motion.

Moderator: Alex Berg
Panelists: Dany Roth, Mey Valdivia Rude, Jessica Kath, Mey Valdivia Rude, Tara Stuart, Heather Hogan