Yes! You can get information about opportunities and apply for volunteer positions here. We are looking for volunteers during the convention as well as for the lead-up to the event.

For ClexaCon London, all volunteer shifts will be 6 hours. Everyone who volunteers will be entitled to a free day pass. If you work all day Saturday, you will receive a free pass for Sunday. Work half the day either Saturday or Sunday and receive free entry for the rest of that day.

  • You must complete six (6) hours to receive a day pass and you will need to sign in and out
  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable. If you purchase a ticket and then decide to volunteer we cannot refund your ticket. You can however transfer any purchased tickets if you decide to volunteer at a later date
  • Free day passes are for entry to the convention only and do not include any VIP perks

Volunteers will be required to sign in and out to verify hours.