Sonia Sebastian is an award-winning, writer, producer, and director from Spain. She just premiered her second directorial effort, “Freelancers Anonymous,” an English-language feature film produced by Full Spectrum Features in Chicago. Her first feature film, “De Chica en Chica” is now available on Amazon Video.

She was the show-runner, producer, writer, and director of the first lesbian web series in Spain, “Girl Seeks Girl,” which was subsequently released on DVD in the U.S by Wolfe. She is currently working in the USA version of the webseries.

Sonia also directed more than 20 episodes of three Spanish TV Series: “Todo es Posible en el Bajo,” “Aqui Me las den Todas” and “Cuñados” for Spain’s TV networks Tele 5 and TeleMadrid.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Sonia is the consummate filmmaker who continually challenges herself and keeps active. With two feature films under her belt, last year she made the short film “Yo Tambien,” which received the CIMA Award at the Zaragoza Film Festival as Best Filmmaker.

Earlier in her career, many of her shorts screened at festivals worldwide and garnered multiple awards. She has a Master’s Degree in Film from San Antonio de Baños, Cuba, and a Master’s degree on Theatre at the Royal Academy of Art in Spain.