Rolla Selbak

Director, Producer, Writer

Rolla Selbak is a Sundance 2017 filmmaker, and a triple-minority in the film industry: a queer, Muslim-American woman. Her most recent credits include co-producing American Paradise, a reflection of a desperate man in today’s America, and helming the internationally-acclaimed feature film Three Veils, a first of its kind to confront homosexuality within the Muslim-American subculture. She is also the creator of the virally popular online series, Kiss Her I’m Famous, which satirizes our culture’s relationship with fame. Through the San Francisco Women’s Film Institute leadership team, she’s involved in initiatives specifically geared towards nurturing a generation of young female filmmakers. Selbak’s latest project, A Day With a Muslim, a social experimental docu-series where she brings unlikely groups of people together.

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday