Jacquie Lawrence

Producer, Writer, Director

In the late nineties she was a Commissioning Editor at Channel Four (referred to as the FILTH PEDDLAR OF CHANNEL FOUR by the Daily Mail) where she was in charge of the Channel’s LGBT content such as DYKE TV & QUEER STREET, both of which garnered millions of viewers. Other highlights during her tenure were the co-commissioned Oscar nominated documentary THE CELLUOLOID CLOSET, the innovative COMING OUT NIGHT campaign that provided social action programming for LGBT teenagers and a feature-length documentary, PARAGRAPH 175, which featured interviews with the last surviving homosexual prisoners of the Holocaust.

From 2000-2003 Lawrence was Head of Development for WORLD OF WONDER PRODUCTIONS and was responsible for an eclectic range of documentaries, mainly lesbian themed such as LESBIANS BEHAVING BADLY, LESBIANS GO MAD ON LESBOS AND LESBIANS OLE.

In 2003, Lawrence took the role of Commissioning Editor for Documentaries at Sky One where she won Sky One’s first BAFTA for commissioning ROOS KEMP ON GANGS and gained huge ratings with a film fronted by Julie Burchill called CHAVS.

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is Lawrence’s first novel. It was an indie publishing smash hit and nominated for a Polari Prize and a Diva Literary Festival Prize.

In 2017, Lawrence adapted DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS as web series, directed by Campbell X and produced by Fizz Milton. It was screened, as a Special Presentation at BFI FLARE and distributed on the Youtube channel LESBIAN BOX OFFICE, where nearly ½ million viewers have watched it.

In 2017, further episodes were produced which were distributed as DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS: THE WHOLE STORY on LESBIAN BOX OFFICE in the summer of 2018.

Jacquie was awarded the DIVA CHOICE AWARD for services to LGBTQ media in June 2018.