A native of the Toronto area, Christina Cox has over 40 film and television credits to her name. Notable early credits include her Gemini award nominated performance as Angie Ramirez on FX: THE SERIES and the groundbreaking LGTBQ+ romantic comedy BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, an international festival favourite.

Series leads include Vicki Nelson in BLOOD TIES, Jen Crane on ABC’s DEFYING GRAVITY and several pilots including NIKKI & NORA. Dubbed “the most watched never aired pilot in history” after it was anonymously uploaded to YouTube; NIKKI & NORA was given a second life after a successful GoFundMe campaign that allowed the original team of Nancy Lee Myatt, Liz Vassey and Christina to return to its original filming location of New Orleans and produce the web series THE N&N FILES with Tello Films.

Feature films include THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK opposite Vin Diesel, ELYSIUM opposite Jodie Foster and MILLION DOLLAR BABY opposite Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood. And no, Christina was not Hilary Swank’s fight double. Long story.

In addition to guest starring on all three NCIS franchises, Dexter, Criminal Minds, Elementary and Motive (among others) with recurring guest star arcs on Arrow and IZombie, Christina has most recently completed the People’s Choice Award winning and multiple GLAAD award winning series SHADOWHUNTERS.

Classically trained in theatre and dance, Christina is also a proficient martial artist and maintains and avid yoga practice. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a bona fide Unicorn and their five year old tiny dancer. And two cats. Maybe more. Don’t judge.