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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on ClexaCon Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Basic Membership

    1. Choose an appropriate username. Nothing offensive or obscene, and refrain from using all caps or special characters. #
    2. Do not make multiple accounts. #
    3. Any violation of these rules will result in your membership being revoked. #
  2. As a new User

    1. Members who register for the Forum and have successfully verified their email address will be placed in the "Newly registered users" group. #
    2. For new users, the first three (3x) posts you make will need to be moderated by a member of the ClexaCon Forum team. You will be able to post anywhere on the board, but before they appear to other users, the posts will need to be successfully approved by a mod. #
    3. After your first three posts have been moderated and approved, you will be moved out of the "Newly registered users" group and your posts will no longer need to be approved before posting. #
  3. Signature and Avatars

    1. Do not use obscene, inappropriate or offensive material as your signature or avatar. #
    2. You may use normal font options like bolding, italics, and colors. #
    3. Signatures should be 3 lines or less. #
    4. No graphics are allowed in your signature. #
  4. Rules of Engagement

    1. Be Respectful

      1. It’s okay to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner. #
      2. Please treat other members with the same respect and courtesy that you would want for yourself. #
      3. Rude, obloquious, and purely argumentative comments are discouraged. #
      4. Refrain from using insults and starting flame wars. #
      5. Do not troll or antagonize others. #
      6. Any violation of these rules may result in your membership being revoked. #
    2. Listen to the Moderators

      1. Moderators are here to make sure everyone has a positive experience in the forum. #
      2. Do not ignore warnings or disobey their suggestions. #
      3. If you take issue with a warning given to you, contact the Moderator privately. #
      4. Report rule violations to the Moderators. Don't attempt to discipline other users. #
      5. If you believe that the moderators have overlooked a violation, send them a Private Message (PM). #
      6. Disciplinary decisions fall to the discretion of the moderators, and are subject to the warning system outlined below:

        1. Comment or Suggestion

          1. These will be given to those we believe did not purposely or knowingly violate a rule. #
        2. First Warning

          1. An informal warning given via post or PM. Minor disregard of the rules. #
        3. Intermediate Warnings

          1. Formal warnings given via PM. Clear disregard of rules and disrespect to staff. #
        4. Final Warnings

          1. Firm warning and temporary ban. Blatant violation of rules. #
        5. Permanent Ban

          1. Continual and persistent violation and disregard of rules. #
  5. Conflict Resolution

    1. If you have a problem with an individual on this forum, don’t deal with it publicly in the forum threads. Please send a Private Message (PM) to settle personal arguments. If you cannot resolve your issue, then PM a Moderator, and they’ll work with you to try and get the problem resolved. #
    2. If you have a problem with a moderator on one of the boards that you post on, send a Private Message to a Site Admin describing the problem. Do not contact one of the co-moderators of the moderator that you’re having problems with, as it’s the Site Admins’ responsibility to resolve disputes between members and moderators in a fair and impartial way. #
  6. Posting Etiquette

    1. Keep discussions readable and understandable

      1. Please refrain from using excessive curse words and obscene phrases. #
      2. Absolutely no hateful or discriminatory posts. #
      3. Do not type in ALL CAPS or StIcKy cApS. #
      4. Do not use excessive slang, 1337 w0rd5, or AIM type (thnx U R da kewlest). #
      5. Refrain from using excessive :p :p or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, etc. #
      6. Do not post multiple times in a row. Double posting is not allowed. #
      7. Extremely short posts or posts that consist of only smilies/emoticons or gifs are discouraged. #
    2. No posting or linking to illegal or inappropriate material

      1. Do not link to sites that offer illegal content or torrents of any nature. #
      2. Do not post images or links to/of inappropriate content. #
      3. Do not spam threads or topics with irrelevant or dangerous links. #
      4. Do not post random, off-topic or inappropriate links. #
    3. Before starting a new thread, please look to see if there already is a topic discussing the same thing. Duplicate threads will be closed down. Also, please make sure your thread title accurately reflects what the thread is about. #
    4. Keep “chatting” type conversations down to a minimum on the discussion threads on our forums, as they detract from legitimate discussions. Every forum on this website has an off topic thread where you can chat with your fellow posters, so use those threads for that purpose. #
    5. Please don’t post solely to increase your post count. Please contribute to the discussions here with your posts. Whenever possible, please edit your post if you have something to add to what you originally said instead of immediately posting after yourself. #
  7. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to PM a moderator. Thank for joining the forum and we hope you enjoy your stay! #