2020 Films

ClexaCon Film Festival

We are happy to announce our lineup of films for this year’s festival! 

We are thrilled that every year we have filmmakers in attendance from the majority of the films screening at the festival. Learn more about this year’s filmmakers! 

New for 2020: there will be films screening on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as well as during the day!

Avocado Toast, The Series

In Attendance: Heidi Lynch, Perrie Voss, Charlie David

Director: Sam Coyle
Writer: Heidi Lynch, Perrie Voss
Producers: Heidi Lynch, Perrie Voss, Charlie David

Cast: Heidi Lynch, Perrie Voss, Faye Marsay, Kristian Bruun, Scot Cavalheiro, Mag Ruffman, Brenda Robbins, Andrew Moodie, Nelu Handa, Jefferson Mappin

In Attendance: Heidi Lynch, Perrie Voss & Charlie David

Ever wondered about your parents’ sex life? Neither did Molly and Elle until coming out and divorce forced them to learn about their parents’ new sexcapades. Avocado Toast the series is an intergenerational sex comedy exploring the comforts and awkwardness of sex from age 25 to 69. When it comes to millennials and baby boomers, these nuts haven’t fallen so far from the family tree.

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A Luv Tale

Director: Kay Oyegun
Writer: Sidra Smith, Kay Oyegun

Cast: Sheria Irving, Denyce Lawton, Rotimi, Amber Whittington, Vanessa Williams

Set in culturally rich and historic Harlem, A LUV TALE is a 6 episode edgy drama series, that examines friendship between four beautiful and cultural lesbians of color navigating their complex lives through a world of art, music, family and love.


Butch Pal for the Straight Gal

In Attendance: Ally Johnson, Lauren Flans, Teresa Lee, Assaad Yacoub, Helena Sardinha, Rafael Thomaseto

Director: Assaad Yacoub
Writer: Ally Johnson
Producers: Helena Sardinha, Rafael Thomaseto

Cast: Ally Johnson, Lauren Flans, Mandahla Rose, Mav Viola, Teresa Lee, Elizabaeth Ellson, Ryan W. Garcia, Dot-Marie Jones


Butch Pal for the Straight Gal is a unique reality-based comedy about five women (aka the Fierce5) empowering straight women to throw away societal gender norms and fearlessly harness their unique inner voice. So many women suffer from poor body image, low confidence levels, or find themselves stuck in codependent relationships that can limit their true potential. The Fierce5 hones in on a woman’s true voice, then helps her step into her power and bring that voice to the forefront. That can mean restructuring a woman’s closet, minimalizing her makeup routine, showing her how to change own tire, or literally teaching a woman to fish.

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CONTROL – The Series

In Attendance: Ada Chlebicka, Ewelina Pankowska, Natasza Parzymies

Director: Natasza Parzymies
Writer: Natasza Parzymies
Cast: Ada Chlebicka, Ewelina Pankowska


The story of Natalia & Majka ex-girlfriends who meet again at an airport security check. Created mainly by students, “Control” is the first ever Polish LGBT web series that’s taking the world by storm with over 20 million views on YouTube. It started as a short film for an exam at the Warsaw Film School but then due to popular demand turned into a series.

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I Put the Bi in Bitter

In Attendance: Marin Lepore, Dannah Elizabeth, Kelley Zincone, Alex Killian

Director: Marin Lepore
Writer: Marin Lepore, Kelley Zincone
Producer: Kelley Zincone
Cast: Rhema Srihartiti, Rhianna DeVries, Evangelina Kisa


Created by a majority female, POC, and LGBT cast and crew, “I Put the Bi in Bitter” is a cute and lighthearted comedy that follows a bisexual teenager and her lesbian BFF as they navigate high school, deal with friendship/crushes, and all the other shenanigans and awkward moments that come from being young.

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Kings and Queens

Director: Rachel Relman
Writer: Rachel Relman
Producer: Rachel Relman, Reed Carson
Cast: Dominique Watkins, Amber Thomas

SynopsisDrag performers and best friends Polly Glamory and Stevie Stars ditch their boring college graduation to compete in the last round of a drag competition. Their relationships with each other and everyone around them are tested as they try to become the best performers in the most competitive drag market in the country.

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Out in Love

In Attendance: Kristina Pupo, Alyssa Rhoney, Elizabeth Manning

Director: Kristina Pupo
Writer: Kristina Pupo
Producers: Kristina Pupo, Elishia Constantine, Marjorie Burgos, Hank Hilgore
Cast: Kristina Pupo, Elizabeth Manning, Pedro Figueroa , Alyssa Rhoney

A couple must redefine their marriage of five years after they both realize they’re gay. Karina and Sergio catapult into the unknown in a hilarious and heartfelt journey that explores how they got here while asking “what now?”
Faced with the reality of two very different gay scenes, they must figure out how to find themselves, without losing each other.

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Sex is a God Thing

In Attendance: Zarinah Ali, Chanel Glover

Director: Zarinah Ali
Writer: Chanel Glover
Producers: Rashida KhanBey Miller, Chanel Glover, Zarinah Ali, A. Miller
Cast: Rashida KhanBey Miller, Chanel Glover


Michelle and Aiesha have just buried their father. Michelle and Aiesha have also just met, and learned that they are sisters; both queer and both grappling with the unraveling of their respective romantic partnerships. Grief takes many forms, and this night drunk Aiesha has dragged a hesitant Michelle out to a queer party. They both find comfort in strangers on the dance floor. Then the two long lost sisters go deeper over a flask of whiskey, listening to the waves of Lake Michigan, set aglow by the moon. The next morning, after the alcohol has faded, and the pleasant memories are replaced with guilt, Michelle and Aiesha try to find their pleasure again, leading them both to cathartic tears.

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Take One Thing Off

In Attendance: Scout Durwood, Kacy C. Boccumini, Catherine McCafferty, Sammi Cohen, John Gardiner

Director: Scout Durwood, Sammi Cohen
Writer: Scout Durwood
Producers: Kacy C. Boccumini, Blue Elan
Cast: Scout Durwood, Catherine McCafferty


Chanteuse Scout Durwood has spent most of her adult life singing in New York clubs and dive bars, fostering a meaningful connection between audience and performer. Now in Los Angeles, where IRL seems IR-elevant, she’s stepping onto the biggest stage of all: The Internet. Based on the original music from her debut studio album, Take One Thing Off is a twenty-two episode digital series combining music videos and sketch recounting the story of Scout’s life as the existential odyssey that it is.


These Thems

In Attendance: Jett Garrison, Gretchen Wylder, Vico Ortiz, Shaan Dasani, Nick Park

Director: Jett Garrison
Writer: Gretchen Wylder
Producer: Sophia Clark
Cast: Gretchen Wylder, Vico Ortiz, Shaan Dasani, Nick Park

“These Thems” is a queer comedy series that dives head first into the NYC lesbian/GNC scene. We follow four main characters: a newly-out lesbian looking to make up for lost time, a non binary dog walker turned queer educator, a trans man who passes as cis and likes it that way, and a gay best friend looking for love.

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Feature Films

All We’ve Got

Director: Alexis Clements
Writer: Ali Cotterill
Producer: Alexis Clements

ALL WE’VE GOT is a personal exploration of LGBTQ women’s communities, cultures, and social justice work through the lens of the spaces they create, from bars to bookstores to arts and political hubs. And it comes at a time when many of those spaces are closing.

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Billie and Emma

Director: Samantha Lee
Writer: Samantha Lee
Producer: Phyllis Grande, Rex Tiri
Cast: Gabby Padilla, Zar Donato

Synopsis: A pregnant teenaged girl falls for the new girl in school.

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A Night at Switch in Play

In Attendance: 

Director: Cody Stickels
Producer: Chelsea Moore

A Night at Switch n’ Play profiles the award winning Brooklyn performance collective Switch n’ Play, a group that redefines gender performance by blurring the line between drag and burlesque to create a subversive, reflective, and strikingly queer show.


Queering the Script

Director: Gabrielle Zilkha
Writer: Gabrielle Zilkha
Producers: Stephanie Ouaknine, Alex House
Cast: Gloria Calderon Kellett & Mike Royce, Ilene Chaiken, Angelica Ross, Tanya Saracho, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Lucy Lawless

Gabrielle Zilkha (STOP CALLING ME HONEY BUNNY – Frameline38), presents a new project that gives queer fandom a voice in the conversation about LGBTQ+ representation, from Showtime’s THE L WORD to FX’s POSE. QUEERING THE SCRIPT examines the rising power of the fans and audience shaping representation on TV, the relationship between fandom and activism, and what lies ahead for visibility and inclusiveness.

Animation & Music Videos

House of AS

Director: Leah Shore
Producers: Leah Shore, Anca Vlasan
Animatiors: Leah Shore (2D), Johnny Woods (3D)


An homage to BALL/Vogue


Directors: Dani Williamson, Inbar Horesh
Writers: Dani Williamson, Chanan Ben Simon
Producer: Dani Williamson
Cast: Dani Williamson, Moran Duvshani, Yohana Reit, Laila Betterman, Osnat Feitlson

A music video by the righteous Randy Miller
original music written, produced, and performed by Randy Miller


Director: Rosser Goodman
Writer: Rosser Goodman
Producer: Rosser Goodman
Cast: Nina Bergman, Stephanie Gerard

Two hot babes struggle to find each other, love each other and comfort each other in this melodic 82 second experimental music video.

Short Films

Academic Super Squad
In Attendance: Taylor Gates, Benj Bermudez

Director: Taylor Gates
Writer: Taylor Gates
Producer: Benj Bermudez, Trent Nakamura, Christopher Racster, Kerri-Stoughton-Jackson
Patricia Galvez, Stefanie Rons, Rebecca Avery, Kevin Phan, Ofentse Malatse

After landing herself in trouble once again, a rebellious high school senior must face her most brutal consequence yet: being forced to join the academic decathlon team.

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Director: Nicolas Greinacher
Writer: Nicolas Greinacher
Producer: Rajko Jazbec, Dario Schoch
Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Ladina von Frisching, Mo Ahmadi, Mithra Zahedi

Set in Switzerland, our story follows Ayaneh, a young refugee from Afghanistan. One day at a public swimming pool she meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.


Dinner for 4

In Attendance: Jane Clark, Keri Alison Hodge

Director: Jane Clark
Writer: Kari Alison Hodge
Producer: Kari Alison Hodge, Jane Clark, Derek McAlister
Cast: Kari Alison Hodge, Zack Schor, Gabrielle Bourne, Rachel Rosenstein

A bisexual polyamory evangelist, a lesbian blogger who romanticizes monogamy, and a curious freelance photographer and her heterosexual boyfriend meet at dinner party that turns awkward and revealing when the other guests don’t show up.

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girl, sweetvoiced

In Attendance: Rebecca Shoptaw

Director: Rebecca Shoptaw
Writer: Rebecca Shoptaw
Cast: Georgie Henley, Antoinette Belle

A sapphic short film, in fragments, adapted from & featuring the poetry of Sappho, as translated by Anne Carson.


House of La Reine

Director: Lisa Marie Tedesco
Writer: Lisa Marie Tedesco
Producer: Christie Conochalla
Cast: Sarah Kazemy, Ari Anderson, Julia Fae, Ryder Dunagan

On the eve of the grand opening of her inclusive bohemian bar and performance space, Celia struggles with insecurities about living up to the legacy of her relative who once reigned the stages of Paris.

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In Orbit

In Attendance: Emer Kinsella

Director: Katie McNeice
Writer: Katie McNeice
Producer: Katie McNeice
Composer: Emer Kinsella
Cast: Claire Loy, Sarah Kinlen, Áine Ní Mhuirí, Olwen Fouéré, Michael-David McKernan

There was once an invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

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Italian 102

In Attendance: Cassandra Williams

Director: Emily Gutierrez
Writer: Emily Gutierrez
Cast: Alex Vatour, Cassandra Williams

They flirted in Italian 101, now it’s time for Jen and Riley to go out on their first date. But when they run into unwanted leers and hostility from strangers, Jen struggles to find the courage to be herself around Riley.

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Director: Nicole Tay, Keila J. Brown
Writer: Nicole Tay
Producer: Kimberly Te
Cast: Diane Chen

Diana has always been a gifted test-taker. While attending Columbia University, she tutors a high schooler, Amy for the SATs under the careful watch of her mother, Mrs. Tao. After a personal tragedy strikes, Amy still tries to take the exam, but performs poorly. To protect her daughter’s future, Mrs. Tao secretly concocts a plan. The only missing piece… is Diana.


In Attendance: Amelia Crawford, Chelsea Brown

Director: Amelia Crawford
Writer: Amelia Crawford
Producer: Magdalen Lovegrove
Cast: Sophie Renae, Chelsea Brown

Sam, a young woman, whom over the course of one evening, is forced to confront her grief.


Director: Carly Usdin
Writer: Carly Usdin
Producers: Joe Toronto, P.G.A., Robin Roemer, Carly Usdin
Cast: Vico Ortiz, Kara Royster, Erick Lopez, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Justin Willman, Jasika Nicole

Camila is your average college freshman with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a big, gay crush on her roommate. After both situations come to a head in a near car crash, Cam is stuck trying to find a distraction. A chance encounter with a street magician teaches her to channel her misguided energy into a new hobby, and to open her heart to new possibilities.

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In Attendance: Nicole De Meneses, Katie Frimodig

Director: Nicole De Meneses
Writer: Nicole De Meneses
Producer: Nicole De Meneses, Katie Frimodig
Cast: Jiz Lee, Veronika LaVery, Jay Drake

Synopsis: A stalker sets his sights on the wrong victim and gets more then he bargained for.


In Attendance: Kayden Phoenix

Director: Kayden Phoenix
Writer: Kayden Phoenix
Producer: Kayden Phoenix, Vanessa Vasquez
Cast: Alicia Sixtos, Noemi Gonzalez

Synopsis: Latinnials usurp their conversion therapy class and take their justice.


Potion Masters

In Attendance: Cameron Laventure

Director: Cameron Laventure
Writer: Cameron Laventure, Brandon Laventure
Producer: Brandon Laventure
Cast: Dani Martineck, Pearl Rhein, MaryKathryn Kopp, Sinem Gulturk, Meltem Gulturk

Synopsis: A quarreling couple try to fix their relationship by experimenting with a series of magic potions.

POV: In The Shadows – Ex

In Attendance: Jaclyn Chessen

Director: Jaclyn Chessen
Writer: Melissa Harkness
Producer: Kimberly Hooper, Jaclyn Chessen
Cast: Anna Daines, Kylee Thurman


In Attendance: Robin Entreinger

Director: Robin Entreinger
Writer: Robin Entreinger
Producer: Robin Entreinger, Alexandre Bartholo
Cast: Claire Suchet, Chloé Imbroglio

Synopsis: “Shibari is an erotic art, which consists in restraining someone by using thin ropes.” This is how Claire, who’s modeling in Japan, describes the subject to Chloé, a journalist who’s come to Tokyo to write about it. The two women will soon grow attracted to each other.

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Director: Garcia JC
Writer: Ariel Abrego Gaitan
Producer: Ariel Abrego Gaitan, Juan Carlos García
Cast: Mariel Ramirez-Blanchette, Sarah-Eve Boivin, Yiseth Castaneda

Synopsis: At 14 years old, Melissa takes the difficult decision to leave her home and search the liberty that will finally allow her to be herself.


In Attendance: Stephanie Neroes, Allison Graham

Director: Stephanie Neroes
Writer: Stephanie Neroes
Producer: Allison Graham
Cast: Mandahla RoseMav Viola, Rudi Aliza

Synopsis: The story of how two young women unknowingly drift towards each other as a result of manifesting love into their lives.

The Note

In Attendance: Tiril Myhre Skår, Kristin Sand

Director: Tiril Myhre Skår
Writer: Tiril Myhre Skår, Eivind Jordal
Producer: Tiril Myhre Skår
Cast: Alva Lindahl Ringvold, Linnea Sunde Mortensen, Alex Charles Herlofsen, Philip Olsson Beckmann

Synopsis: Lea and Elise are best friends, even though they seem to be from completely different worlds. One day, Tommy, a boy from school, comes up to Lea during soccer practice with a note for Lea to give Elise. He asks her if she can ask Elise to be his girlfriend. Lea says yes to help him out, but quickly realize her own emotions will interfere with the situation.

The Postie

In Attendance: Jade Winters, Alex Hogben

Director: Jade Winters
Writer: Jade Winters
Producer: Alex Hogben
Cast: Kat Ronson, Ruby Todd, Kate Winton
Synopsis: Amy falls for the new Postie but finding out whether the attraction is mutual proves difficult.

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We’re Not Talking About It

In Attendance: Winny Clarke

Director: Jen Pogue
Writer: Winny Clarke
Producer: Winny Clarke
Cast: Jennifer Farrugia, Winny Clarke

Synopsis: An authentic friendship requires a whole lot of love, patience, and compassion. Watch as these pals navigate through lifes changes.


In Attendance: Stevie Boebi

Director: Stevie Boebi, Colin Jarvis
Writer: Stevie Boebi
Producer: Suzanne Tatoy
Cast: Keara Graves, Carla Sofia, Miram Tanenbaum, Andrea Bartlow

Synopsis: Weenie follows the story of a young woman experiencing homelessness by depicting the moments before she loses her homes in a series of snap-shot scenes.