Our Vision

To empower and connect the LGBTQ+ community

As the first and largest multi-fandom event

for LGBTQ+ women, trans and non-binary fans and creators.

ClexaCon brings together thousands of diverse LGBTQ+ fans and content creators from around the world to celebrate positive representation for LGBTQ+ women, trans and

non-binary communities in the media.

To Connect:

ClexaCon provides a platform to build community, bringing together a diverse group of LGBTQ fans and content creators from around the world. Networking events connect filmmakers, actors and industry professionals while panels, workshops, and autograph sessions connect creators with fans.

To Empower:

ClexaCon aims to empower media creators to produce and distribute more positive LGBTQ content, providing educational resources for the community to aid in the push for better representation. ClexaCon strive to lay the foundation for improved visibility within the media while encouraging more LGBTQ women to participate in creating the stories they desire.