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Notes from the ClexaCon Team

February 18, 2020

By Dana Piccoli

ClexaCon is more than just fandom: it’s also about friends and found family

I often say that ClexaCon is my happy place, a queer Disney World of sorts. A place where all my favorite people are gathered, from friends I’ve made over the years on Twitter and finally get to meet IRL, to creators and actors I admire who have made a huge impact on LGBTQ media. The energy of creation is abounding and it fills my tank for months to come. I’ve also been attending ClexaCon with a group of my best friends since year one. We might not always get to spend as much time as I’d like together, but I love watching them do their thing, and they are always making sure I actually stop and take a moment to breathe (and eat!) What’s really wonderful about this part of ClexaCon is I get to see it over and over again with other friends. People connecting with new friends and sharing something together in real time. Laughing while wolfing down pizza together in the courtyard. Excitedly awaiting for photo ops with their favorite stars. Thoughtfully building a gaming world and playing into the wee hours of the morning with people who were strangers the day before. 

All these moments, these important pieces of who we are, are what ClexaCon is to me. Yes, ClexaCon is a con. It’s about panels and photos and all those wonderful con things, too. But what makes ClexaCon truly special, is we get to be a part of people connecting. Fandom might bring us together, but it’s who we are that connects us far beyond those four days in Vegas. 

ClexaCon has changed my life in so many ways, but more than anything, it’s the new friends and found family I carry with me into my everyday life. 

Making friends can also be a nerve-wracking experience, so I love that ClexaCon has opportunities like speed-friending that help break the ice. Sometimes, all you need is a little help. So this year, I encourage all of you to start new conversations and meet new friends and found family. Sign up for speed-friending. Introduce your old friends to new friends. Bond with strangers over your favorite shows or games. Heck, even ask me when you see me walking by to help introduce you to a new group of folks. 

In a world woefully short on happy places these days, let us help make ClexaCon one you can count on.

June 24, 2019

By Team ClexaCon

Happy Pride Month! As we plan for ClexaCon 2020 we’d like to share with you some things that we’re excited about, some important dates that are coming up and some of the changes we are planning for next year’s event.

A couple of things we’re excited about:

  • Our featured guests for 2020! We’ve started announcing some guests and will have more to announce in the coming weeks and months. We are looking to confirm new guests, favorites from past events, more LGBTQ+ identified guests and more diverse guests. If you’re interested in learning more about the guest process you can see this FAQ. 
  • Even more workshops and networking events for LGBTQ+ creators. One of our goals is to increase opportunities for LGBTQ+ creators and help ensure that more LGBTQ+ people have the opportunity to tell their stories. We’ll be bringing back the Creator Lab in 2020 with even more opportunities for people already creating content and people who would like to start creating content. We’re also happy to be continuing to provide day-long workshops during the year such as the one recently held at YouTube Space L.A. 

A few changes & improvements for 2020 (more to come):

  • Diversity and Inclusion training for our year-round team and for volunteers on-site
  • Improved volunteer training and resources
  • Pronoun pins available at registration and other locations during the con
  • Adjusting the layout of the exhibitor hall to increase flow of traffic to vendors/artist alley and adding signage
  • Working with security to develop a plan for 2020 that includes bag check at the main panel room (we’ll continue to have 24-hr security on site)
  • Continuing to provide free water stations throughout the convention but adding more signage 

News and Dates: 

  • The official room block is now open here. The room block has the cheapest rates available for the Tropicana and gets you a discount of over 50% off the nightly resort fee. The room block is tiered – once the first tier sells out the prices increase for tier 2 and then tier 3 so the sooner you book your room the cheaper the rates.
  • July 1: Scholarship applications open
  • July 21: Convention tickets on sale (3-day, VIP, Heda, Lextra) (details here)
  • August: Panel submissions open, Volunteer applications open, Vendor applications open (exact dates TBA)
  • September: Film Festival submissions open

We’ll be posting other updates over the coming months as we prepare for ClexaCon 2020. We hope to see you in Las Vegas in April!



April 24, 2019:

Dear ClexaCon attendees and the larger LGBTQ+ community:

We want to thank all of you for supporting us on our journey of creating an event for our community that we felt was needed and hoped would be a place for all members of our community to come together to celebrate our favorite LGBTQ+ stories and fight for better representation across all media.

We appreciate everyone who has trusted us by attending and supporting our event in any way. We are a very young convention and realize that we have a lot to learn as we grow and try to accomplish our goal of being a safe, welcoming space for all LGBTQ+ people and putting on a first-class event of which we can all be proud.

We stumbled at this year’s event. While we improved on some of the issues from our previous events, we struggled with others, and for that we deeply apologize. In particular we’ve heard many issues about the vendor floor and intend to work hard to ensure that none of those issues happen again in the future. We want to assure you all that it will be a priority for our team to ensure that any vendors who place their trust in us by attending a future event will feel welcome and supported. As we move forward we will keep everyone updated through our website so that you can see the steps we are taking and give your input.

It is also a priority of ours to ensure that all members of our LGBTQ+ community feel welcome. There is absolutely no place for any transphobia, biphobia or any other harassment or negativity at our event. We will be working on improved processes for reporting harassment and enforcing our anti-harassment policy. It’s also important to us that everyone involved in ClexaCon – our team, our volunteers, hotel staff, etc. – understands the importance of using correct pronouns and gender-neutral language so we’ll be implementing new training for everyone on the team to address this. Pronoun pins or stickers will also be available for free at all future events.

This year we also re-worked our accessibility policy. While we believe it was an important step in the right direction we also realize that there is more that we can be doing to make ClexaCon more accessible. We will continue to work with people with accessibility needs as well as accessibility advocates to improve accessibility at the convention for all attendees.

ClexaCon has been a labor of love for us since the beginning and we hope that you’ll give us a chance to make changes and improve the event in the future. It’s important to us that our event is inclusive, accessible and supports everyone in our community. We want to make an event that all of us and all of you can be proud of.

If you wish to send feedback or have questions at any time please contact us at [email protected]


Ashley, Danielle, Heidi & the ClexaCon Team