COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

UPDATE: May 4, 2020

Dear ClexaCon Community,

With all of the uncertainty and fear in the world right now, we know that you’d like as much solid information as possible about what’s happening with ClexaCon 2020 and your tickets. So we wanted to give you an update about ClexaCon rescheduling plans in real-time. We are deeply sorry for the delay in communication and we want to apologize for any stress it has caused.

Things are evolving at different rates around the world, and no two countries, states, or even counties are handling things quite the same. We know we aren’t alone in saying that the growth of this global pandemic has left us and others in quite a state of shock. Despite that, we have rolled up our sleeves and we have been focused solely on providing you with the accurate information and answers that you have asked for. 

We had originally hoped to change the dates for ClexaCon 2020 to August when we began working with our venue to reschedule. As the scope of things began to be more clear, it became apparent that we would need to look beyond August, so we tried to reschedule for November. Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm details for November before our venue was shut down due to the risk of COVID-19, and their key planning staff was furloughed. 

In addition, it now appears that it would not be safe to hold an event like ours – with the close interactions that make fan conventions so special – this year. This has not been an easy decision to make, particularly at a time where we crave community more than ever before. We’ve therefore had to accept the incredibly heartbreaking need to push this year’s ClexaCon to 2021. The health of our community — con-goers, our team, panelists, journalists, and our guests — has been and will continue to be our primary concern. We do not want to risk holding an event that could put our community’s health at risk.

We are devastated that we were not able to see you all this year in Las Vegas. Our team spent nearly a year planning and preparing to make ClexaCon 2020 the best one yet. It leaves a hole in our hearts to not be able to come together and share what we had created for you this year, in the way we had originally envisioned. We hope and expect that many of our guests, speakers, and vendors will join us at ClexaCon 2021. Updates to the website and social media platforms will be ongoing and will continue to be revised as more information becomes available.

We do have some good news! To do our best to recreate what makes ClexaCon so special we are bringing you free Virtual ClexaCon experiences in the coming months (between now and next April). The first virtual event is coming up next week with an 8-day film festival which begins on May 10th. Join us throughout the ClexaCon Film Festival for watch parties, Q&As with casts and filmmakers, panels, and a few special events. Visit our website for more information. We can’t wait to see you online!  


I already have a ticket. What happens now?

All current tickets will now be valid for any event through and including 2023. On top of that, we are offering all current ticket holders free entry into Ascension or a similar afterparty at the event of their choosing (all 2020 Ascension tickets should already have been refunded directly to you). We are in the process of planning ticket exchange logistics, additional perks, and bonuses for current ticket holders to thank you for your purchase and continued support. 

Why can you not offer refunds like other Cons? 

Most of the budget for ClexaCon comes from ticket sales. We are a small queer-women-owned business without large reserves that some larger companies are able to use to get through an unprecedented period such as this. 

Timing is also a major factor — as we were so much closer to the start of ClexaCon 2020 when the pandemic shutdowns hit, we had already spent large amounts of our budget for guest and venue deposits, airfares, vendor and independent contractor costs, marketing, merchandise and supplies. While most of those fees are non-refundable, the silver lining is that they are offering the use of these deposits for the next event date. We can only hope that you will see value in using your ticket at a future event, with the extra perks we are offering as a big thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for more information as more perks will be announced along the way! Our commitment to you is that we will only publish promises that we can follow through on — right now, as a community, we need stability and not empty words. We appreciate your patience as we work toward clear-cut answers to all your questions moving forward.

We understand that the money that was spent on these tickets could be helpful to your current situations and the frustration you must be feeling in not being able to receive a refund. The last thing we want to do is to disappoint you all. We are dedicated to continuing the work of building and protecting space for our lovely ClexaCon community. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding at this unprecedented time that has left us all with uncertainty and a lot of changes in our futures, all while temporarily halting any future planning.

Once we have 2021 dates confirmed and announced we will be working to help people sell or exchange their tickets if they’d like to do that. Or, if you prefer, you may donate your ticket to the scholarship fund for someone else to attend a future event. If you would like to add your name to the sell, exchange, or donate list, please contact us at:

When will the new dates be announced?

We will announce the new dates as soon as we are able to work with our venue to confirm them. Las Vegas businesses have been hit extremely hard during this pandemic with most hotels shutting down and furloughing their staff. We therefore are unable to confirm any future dates until their staff return. It will be a top priority to confirm and announce dates at the absolute earliest possible time. Our event has been scheduled during the month of April for the past 3 years and we expect that our 2021 date will again be in April. 

What happens with our hotel accommodation?

If you booked a hotel room through our original room block the Tropicana should have automatically cancelled and refunded your booking. You should only have been charged for one night in advance. If you’ve had any issues at all with that please contact the Tropicana once they reopen or let us know and we will help where we can.

Will the Guests change?

We will be working with guests and their agents to confirm their availability — and a strong majority of them have already expressed a desire to be at the next event — for them it just comes down to logistics. This also opens up the exciting possibility of new guests! Once the date of the event is solidified we’ll confirm which guests are able to attend and update the website accordingly. We will refund any associated add-ons (like autographs, meet and greets, etc.) for guests who can no longer attend. 

How are Scholarship Tickets affected?

If you were awarded a scholarship for ClexaCon 2020 you will receive your ticket or travel for ClexaCon 2021. 

From all of us on Team ClexaCon to our entire ClexaCon Community, we wish you and your loved ones health, safety, and connection during these uncertain times.


March 20, 2020 UPDATE

Dear friends,

We know there’s a lot of fear and frustrations around what’s happening in the world right now and we want you to know that we care deeply about all of you and about ClexaCon as a space for all of us, and are working every day to work out the best options for our attendees. 

In addition, the city of Las Vegas is now in a state of lockdown with all casinos and non-essential businesses in the state closed.

When we first planned to reschedule, it appeared that things could be back to a sense of normalcy in the summer, but as the situation is rapidly evolving we don’t know what the next few months will hold. 

We are working with our guests as well as the Tropicana to see if rescheduling to later in 2020 is possible and realistic based on space availability and potential clashes. 

At this time our plan is to honor all tickets at any one of the following events (your choice):

ClexaCon 2020 rescheduled to later in the year (date TBD)
ClexaCon 2021
The value of your ticket toward another ClexaCon event*

* We have been planning a Creator Camp for September of this year. Any creators who wish to move their ticket value to that event instead will be able to do so. Please see for more information about the camp 

Unfortunately we simply don’t have solid answers yet for the timing of a late-2020 event and we are asking for your patience until we do. We may be the largest Con for queer fandom, but we are also a small business with only a handful of staff. What we are dealing with is unprecedented, but we are working to give you the best possible options and outcome.


The ClexaCon Team



March 12, 2020 UPDATE

Dear friends,

We know that these last couple weeks have been very stressful for so many. With the Coronavirus quickly gaining momentum across the world and now with a foothold in the United States, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As convention planners, our biggest priority is that ClexaCon is a safe space for our community and that includes taking measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to our guests and attendees. We have been working closely with our partners at The Tropicana and the city of Las Vegas, and have decided to reschedule ClexaCon for late summer 2020. We are disappointed that we will not see you next month, but grateful that The Tropicana was willing to work with us to move this event to a time where this pandemic will hopefully be under much better control. We are already working with our amazing special guests to try and reschedule their appearances for these dates. We wanted to tell you as soon as possible. We will let you know the exact dates shortly. 

For those attendees who have already purchased your passes, these will be honored for the rescheduled dates. That goes for badges, VIP, Heda, Lextra, and Ascension party tickets. For photo ops, meet and greets and autographs, those passes will be transferred to the August dates, and if any special guests are not able to attend the rescheduled date, we will refund add-ons associated with that particular guest. If you are unable to attend the new dates, or want to sell your autograph, photo or meet and greet spots, we will connect you with a peer ticket exchange Facebook page to help attendees who cannot make the date connect with an attendee who can.

While we can’t physically meet up in April, we will be showcasing all our amazing vendors via our social channels so you can shop their wares directly from their sites, and then come check them out in person this summer.

We understand that this is disappointing and frustrating news about April, but we’re so glad to be able to bring ClexaCon to you this summer. We thank you for your understanding and your support of ClexaCon these past few years.

Please stay safe and healthy, see you this summer.

The ClexaCon Team 



March 5, 2020

ClexaCon 2020 is currently scheduled to proceed as planned. The safety of our guests and all attendees is incredibly important to us so we are working with the venue and the City of Las Vegas to monitor the situation and we are taking precautions as recommended by them and the CDC. 

These are some of the extra precautions we will be taking:

  • There will be hand sanitizer available in all panel rooms, throughout the convention floor and in common areas
  • Common surfaces will be wiped down each night 
  • All attendees and staff will be asked to wash their hands regularly and practice common-sense precautions
  • There will be processes in place to assist anyone who feels that they may be sick
  • You’ll be able to use credit cards to purchase convention tickets, autographs, photos ops, meet & greets, merch and all ticketed events if you’d like to avoid using cash. Many vendors will also accept credit cards.

In addition, the Tropicana has implemented a range of additional precautions:

The Tropicana Las Vegas is committed to providing a safe and clean environment to our guests.  In relation to the COVID-19 virus, we continue to closely monitor information from the Southern Nevada Health District as well as the Centers for Disease Control.  Currently all hotel, casino, and public areas are cleaned on a regular basis, and all rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each guest checks-out. We have ensured that all of our Team Members are utilizing safe sanitation as well as frequent hand washing.  We are committed to continuing to adjust our efforts as directed by public health officials. In addition the following items have been implemented for guest safety:

  • Increased fresh air circulation
  • More frequent public restroom cleaning rotations
  • Additional sanitation stations in high volume areas and convention space
  • Increased sanitation of door handles and gaming devices
  • Sanitation of menus after each guest use in all food and beverage venues
  • Continued awareness amongst team members regarding cleanliness and sanitation, i.e. handwashing
  • Additional carpet cleaning rotation in high volume areas
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning our elevator buttons and escalator handrails

Feeling sick before the convention? 

Please take care of yourself until you feel better and take the precautions recommended by the CDC to ensure that you minimize the spread of germs. If you are sick it’s recommended that you stay away from others to avoid spreading infection. 

Feeling sick during the convention? 

If you feel sick at any point during the convention, please take care of yourself until you feel better and do not risk further spread of infection. If you are in need of medical attention, there are a couple of hospitals near the Las Vegas strip, including Elite Medical Center (150 E Harmon Ave.) and Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center (3186 S Maryland Parkway). ClexaCon staff can also direct you to medical assistance. If you are in need of emergency services, please dial 911.  

CDC Guidelines:

The CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others. 

We will keep this page updated if anything changes but we anticipate that the event will proceed as planned. 

Have any questions or concerns? Please send us an email at