Aromantic/Asexual Meetup

Join us for an informal chat and meet others in the community. We will be meeting at 1 PM on Sunday at the meeting table (located near the autograph tables in the vendor hall).

Avalance (Legends of Tomorrow)

After seven glorious seasons, we’ve had to say goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow, but you can still join Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan to celebrate their iconic characters, talk about the legacy of Avalance, what the show has meant to the stars, and what the future might bring for heroic queer love stories.


Bi+ Representation

Bi+ people make up one of the largest portions of the LGBTQ+ community, but where are they on screen? It’s time to lose the stereotypes and start representing bi+ people as full, diverse, interesting characters. Join us as we discuss the importance of improving bi+ representation and inclusion in television and film and celebrate the positive, well-rounded characters that we are starting to see.


BIPOC meetup

Join us for an informal chat and meet others in the community. We will be meeting at 11 AM on Sunday at the meeting table (located near the autograph tables in the vendor hall).

Bridget Regan & Katrina Law

Bridget Regan’s numerous film and television credits include hit shows Legend the Seeker, Jane the Virgin, White Collar, Agent Carter and most recently, Batwoman, taking on the captivating role of Poison Ivy. Join us as we chat with Bridget about what it’s been like working on shows centering strong women characters throughout her career and the projects she’s currently working on.

From Spartacus to Arrow, NCIS to Hawaii Five-0, Katrina Law has built a lengthy resume bringing the roles of strong, complex female characters to life. Join us as we chat with the ClexaCon veteran on what she’s been up to since we last saw her in Vegas, the inspiration behind her kick ass roles and what the future holds for her.


Building Fictional Worlds When the Real World is Crumbling

One of the more whimsical memes that circulated early in the COVID-19 pandemic involved the 17th century Sir Isaac Newton inventing calculus and sorting out various laws of modern science while sequestered from the Plague. Whether or not that’s precisely true, the question remains: How do we, as creators of queer popular culture, build joyous escapist worlds while the real world is dangerous and uncertain? Are storytellers from marginalized groups particularly equipped to meet the challenge of imagining happy ever afters when real life makes no such promises?


Building Your Queer Community Online

With people’s shortening attention spans, and a plethora of social networks to choose from how do you build and maintain community online? These panelists have a pretty good idea. Listen in as they share their experiences and expertise.

Calliette (First Kill)

Netflix’s latest breakout hit, First Kill has given us new lesbian power couple, Juliette and Calliope, played by Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis respectively. This story of a vampire and a vampire hunter has captivated audiences all over the world and Sarah and Imani are making Calliette fans’ dreams come true by joining us together at ClexaCon 2022.

Camryn Grimes & Brock Powell

Join Camryn Grimes (she/her), from the Young and the Restless, and her fiancé Brock Powell (they/them), an accomplished voice actor, as they talk about their respective careers in entertainment and their experiences in the industry as part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Casting for Film and Television

Attention aspiring and experienced actors, directors and producers! Are you interested in learning more about the casting process? It’s one of the most important roles for any project, bringing producers and actors together to make magic. Come and get some insider tips and tricks for your next project.


Creating Community

Queer events that are not focused on the bar scene are an important way to feel connected, meet new friends, and be part of a larger community. Meet some of the people creating these events, hear what inspired them to get started, the challenges, and the rewards of creating spaces for our community. Featuring founders and leaders from The Queer 26, Queer Field Day, JQ International, Women on a Roll, Fan Girl Cafe


Creating Queer Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi worlds

What is it about these genres that lend themselves to creating inclusive spaces and worlds? How can you ensure authentic queer representation that avoids tropes? Join us to discuss our experiences as creators and authors, how to make this content on a budget, and how to keep growing the canon of queer LGBTQ+ stories and content.


Dissecting The L Word, Generation Q

In January 2004, The L Word made waves as the first mainstream premium cable network series aimed at a lesbian audience. More than fifteen years later, the show came back queerer than ever with The L Word: Generation Q, which is currently airing its second season on Showtime.
Join us for an interactive discussion as we dissect all things Generation Q, including standout characters, how the reboot compares to the original, how the show reflects our community,whose identities are represented and whose are still missing from the conversation, and the future of shows that focus exclusively on the LGBTQ community.


Facebook and Instagram as Platforms for Creators

Hear from LGBTQ+ creators about how best to utilize Facebook and Instagram to share your content and build community. Presented by Meta.


Filmmaker Meetup

Join us for an informal chat and meet others in the community. We will be meeting at 3 PM on Saturday at the meeting table (located near the autograph tables in the vendor hall).

Fireside chat with executive producers Will Graham and Desta Tedros Reff (A League of Their Own)

Please join us for a fireside chat with A League of Their Own co-creator and executive producer Will Graham and executive producer Desta Tedros Reff. A League of Their Own evokes the joyful spirit of Penny Marshall’s beloved classic, while widening the lens to tell the story of an entire generation of women who dreamed of playing professional baseball, both in and outside of the AAGPBL. The show follows Carson (Abbi Jacobson) and Max (Chanté Adams) and a new ensemble of sharp and hilarious characters as they carve their paths toward the field, along the way finding their teams and themselves. Tune-in: The new series, A League of Their Own, is now available to watch on Prime Video


Get That Story Out of Your Head and Into the World!

You’ve got so many story ideas based on your favorite fandoms but you have no idea where to start, or even if your idea is any good. Solo performance is a little-known way to experiment with creative ways to bring your story to life, and sharing it with the world is a powerful way to build your LGBTQ+ community. Learn simple solo performance exercises drawn from theater, improvisation, and the performing arts world to finally get that story idea from inside your brain and outside into the world.


Getting it done – short films from start to finish

Short films are a great entry point for up-and-coming filmmakers but it’s important to make sure that you have the best production quality to get your film noticed and get accepted into film festivals. Join this panel of filmmakers to learn tips and tricks of making a quality short film on a budget and how to get the best production quality with limited resources.

Janina Gavankar

Indian/Dutch actress, writer, director, musician, producer, and geek, Janina Gavankar is a modern-day renaissance woman, transitioning effortlessly between film, television shows, and video games. Best known to queer TV fans for her role as Eva “Papi” Torres on The L Word, Janina will be talking about her impressive resume on the ClexaCon stage.


Journey into Character Design

Learn about Stephen’s journey into the animation industry and discover the tools needed to follow your path.  Whether you want to publish your own books, become a freelance artist or work with the bigger studios, Stephen Will share his successful tools in order to achieve your goals.

Katie Cassidy

For eight seasons, Katie played the character of Laurel Lance on the CW show, Arrow. Laurel first appeared on Arrow as an assistant district attorney of Star City, but later became a vigilante and eventually a member of Team Arrow as the Black Canary. Join us as we chat to Katie about this role, and her extensive career including her roles on Gossip Girl, Melrose Place and Supernatural.

LGBTQ+ Actors

Since the beginning of ClexaCon we have been proud to support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ actors who are forging a path in the entertainment industry. Come and support these out queer actors making a difference in front of the camera and hear them discuss their careers and the fears, hopes, and realities of being queer and in the public spotlight. Let’s continue to support the actors at the forefront of LGBTQ+ visibility in the industry!


LGBTQ+ Voice Actors and Characters

Video Games and Animation have increasingly allowed opportunities for LGBTQ+ people to portray characters of varying genders and sexualities. In this panel, LGBTQ+ voice actors and actors who play LGBTQ+ characters share how these characters have grown and changed over the years and why representation in voice acting matters.

Méníshè: The Creation of Mother Tongue

In this presentation, David J. Peterson and Jessie Sams discuss how they came to work on Motherland: Fort Salem and how the creation of the Méníshè language came to be.


Music for the screen

Join us to talk about music in film with accomplished composers, writers, performers and filmmakers. Learn about what goes into creating music for the screen and how composers and performers work with directors to build a musical world to tell their stories.


Opening the door to the film industry: Collaboration and Creativity

Finding, creating and collaborating with your behind the scenes crew through an intersectional lens.

Presented by Women in Media


PR & Media: Increasing Your Value & Visibility

Public Relations and Media go hand in hand. Join these speakers as they offer insightful information with successful examples and true stories of how we can all increase our value and visibility to help enjoy a prosperous and fulfilling life, both professionally and personally.


Queer 3.0 | NFTs and the LGBTQ+ community

An in-depth conversation on NFTs and how this is the moment for the LGBTQIA community to have a seat at the table as we shape a new world. Learn how powerful it can be when technology, creators and collectors collide to usher in a new economy of experiences, content and products.


Queer BIPOC Representation

Representation for queer people of color, especially in non cis-men centered media, is still lagging far behind, even as on-screen portrayals of LGBTQ+ issues continue to improve. Why is this, and what can we do as a community to combat it? Join us to discuss where we stand and how we can develop, empower, and support more diverse voices from our communities through an intersectional analysis that can change the narrative across all media platforms.


Queer Representation in Comics

LGBTQ+ stories were rarely told in the early days of the comic book industry. These days, queer characters can be found front and center as more queer creators are telling our stories in both indie and mainstream comics. Join us for a discussion about how these creators are bringing positive representation to life.


Queer XR: New Worlds

The exciting world of AR & VR is rapidly expanding. Let’s take a look into how queer creators and communities have used AR & VR in filmmaking, gaming, and community-building, and discuss the countless possibilities this medium offers. Presented by Meta.


Queering the Documentary

Documentary films let us view aspects of our world that we otherwise may not get to see and give us a peek inside the lives, struggles and triumphs of LGBTQ+ people. Queer documentarians highlight issues like the need for more LGBTQ representation in the media and films, they highlight community members and important allies, they examine and report on political matters, and they bring us personal stories that humanize our communities.


Queering the Narrative: The Role of Editors in Television

Editors aren’t often talked about when we discuss a film or show but their impact can make or break a project. They use their own creative flair to help a creator bring their story to life as they piece together footage into a coherent story. Join us to meet some of these incredible editors who are helping to queer the narrative in some of your favorite network shows.


Representation in Mental Health: The Power of Queer Storytelling for Healing

The queer community knows better than any other how representation in storytelling can not only be a catalyst to self-discovery, but can also inspire healing and even save lives. This talk would explore how sharing our stories as LGBTQIA+ people can help process mental health struggles like grief and trauma, create safe spaces of love and acceptance, inspire others to pursue their own recovery, and break down the mental health stigma that steals the lives of so many within our vibrant community.


Self-Defense and Self-Protection: I deserve the space I inhabit

In this workshop, we will explore not only skills to protect our physical bodies, but also ways to cultivate our inner strength. We will identify our personal boundaries and ground in the affirmation “I deserve the space I inhabit”. We will learn how to use our situational and mental awareness and voice to reinforce our boundaries, then learn how to use our bodies to protect ourselves.


Showing Up and Getting Shit Done

How many times have you asked yourself “I know where I want to be but how do I get there, and what do I do when I finally get there?” In this panel you will have the opportunity to speak to industry professionals at all levels. You will find out how to get started, how to move up the ranks, what to look out for, and how to advocate for yourself as a queer person in entertainment.


Supporting Queer Creatives Throughout Their Careers

It takes a village, and queer creatives deserve to be supported and lifted up as they pursue their dreams. Learn how several organizations help queer creatives through various programs and services including fellowships, networking and more.

Teriah (The Young and the Restless)

The Young and The Restless stars, Camryn Grimes & Cait Fairbanks are coming to ClexaCon! Join moderator Brock Powell as they interview their fiancé Camryn and Camryn’s onscreen wife played by Cait! Hear about LGBTQ+ representation on Y&R and the importance of their character’s groundbreaking lesbian wedding.


That’s So Funny: Positive LGBTQ+ Representation in Comedy

Laughter is the key to life, and the world definitely needs a lot more of that! Join our panel of accomplished performers to discuss their journeys and how they continue the quest for positive representation in comedy.


The Intersection of Technology and Entertainment

Web 3.0, NFTs, AI, crypto, and other technologies are having a growing impact on the creation and delivery of entertainment. Learn how some of these technologies are being used, what we can do to ensure that LGBTQ+ people are being included in their development, and how our communities can benefit from them as their use evolves.


The Reality Behind The Illusion of a Love Scene

You want them, you’re turned on by them, and sometimes you might live vicariously through them. If you’ve never been on a film set to find out how love scenes are created from the ground up, this is your chance at a peek behind the curtain.

Using real life examples from their work, Marina Rice Bader and Jane Clark will break down the process – from the technical to the emotional – and share their experiences with accompanying clips and answer questions along the way.


Trans and Non-Binary Representation in Media

Where are our trans & non binary characters in film and TV? Which shows are doing a good job and which types of content are failing. Join our panelists to discuss the impact of visible trans and non binary characters in mainstream TV and what needs to be done to increase the number of characters across our screens. We’ll discuss the impact these stories can have, share our favorite characters and debate what needs to be done to get better all-around representation on screen for our communities.


Trans Meetup

Join us for an informal chat and meet others in the community. We will be meeting at 10 AM on Sunday at the meeting table (located near the autograph tables in the vendor hall).


Who Are the People in Our Gayborhood: Expanding the Universe of Queer Characters in Sapphic Fiction

Until very recently, the queer cast list of queer women’s fiction was populated almost exclusively by lesbians–indeed, #lesfic was its social media identifier. This panel of award winning Bold Strokes Books authors discuss the expanding queer fictional universe, as bi, pan, enby, and trans characters–and other queer-identified characters–unapologetically appear alongside (and romantically entangled with) lesbians.


Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Why queer creators matter

Can you get more meta than this? Creators of queer culture discuss the importance of queer creators. But we need to talk about this, because lots of people don’t think we belong at every creative table. How and why do we matter, especially when we’re making queer stories? Does queerness behind the scenes only matter if the story centers queer lives? What do queer, trans and non-binary folks in particular bring to the table? Or do we really matter?

Wildmoore (Batwoman)

The cancellation of Batwoman has sparked outrage among fans across the globe, but Wildmoore lives on on the ClexaCon stage. Join Javicia Leslie and Meagan Tandy as they discuss their groundbreaking roles on Batwoman and the importance of representing Black lesbian lives and love on mainstream television.


Writer Meetup

Join us for an informal chat and meet others in the community. We will be meeting at 6 PM on Saturday at the meeting table (located near the autograph tables in the vendor hall).


You Wanna Put That WHERE?!?

This educational and hysterical workshop delves into sex ed, anatomy, all sorts of sex info and lots and lots of sex toys! For those 18+ with an interest in anything sex, I’ll even include an anonymous Q&A for those questions anyone may have.