Brock Powell (they/them/brock)

Edens Zero, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, God of War, Disney's Hamster & Gretel

Appearing Saturday & Sunday

Despite working in a medium famous for mostly 2 to 3 dimensions, Brock Powell is a multi-faceted performer who takes pride in often being a larger than life voice actor for television, video games and animated features. Having voiced many iconic characters for companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Sony Picture Animation. It is their belief that audiences, young and old, deserve to see, hear and connect with characters that represent the many diverse and authentic voices of our LGTBQIA+ community. When not behind the mic, Brock works with several educational outreach programs to assist in empowering and amplifying queer-positive storytelling and artist representation in animation. It is Brock’s hope to continue to encourage the development and inclusion of new talent and uplift incoming LBTQIA+ performers to join them in originating new characters and breathing fresh life into classic ones as well!