Featured Guests

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Caity Lotz at ClexaCon 2022

Caity Lotz (she/her)

Appearing Sunday
Jes Macallan at ClexaCon 2022

Jes Macallan (she/her)

Appearing Sunday
Meagan Tandy at at Clexacon 2022

Meagan Tandy (she/her)

Appearing Sunday
Janina Gavankar at Clexacon 2022

Janina Gavankar (she/her)

Appearing Saturday
Katrina Law at Clexacon 2022

Katrina Law (she/her)

Appearing Sunday
Imani Lewis at ClexaCon 2022

Imani Lewis (she/her)

Appearing Saturday
Bex Taylor-Klaus at Clexacon 2022

Bex Taylor-Klaus (they/them)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Camryn Grimes at ClexaCon 2022

Camryn Grimes (she/her)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Katy O'Brian at ClexaCon 2022

Katy O’Brian (she/her)

Appearing Saturday
Brock Powell at ClexaCon 2022

Brock Powell (they/them/brock)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Jill Bennett at ClexaCon 2022

Jill Bennett (she/her)

Appearing Saturday, Sunday
Lauren Neal at ClexaCon 2022

Lauren Neal (she/her)

Appearing Saturday, Sunday
Alicia Sixtos at ClexaCon 2022

Alicia Sixtos (she/her)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Alexandra D'sa at Clexacon 2022

Alexandra D’Sa (she/her)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Scout Durwood at ClexaCon 2022

Scout Durwood (she/he/they)

Appearing Saturday & Sunday

Industry Guests

Amanda Deibert, long brown hair, and a blue jacket

Amanda Deibert (she/her)

DC Super Hero Girls, Wonder Woman Agent of Peace

Photo of Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland (she/her)

GirlShipTV, Fruity Productions

Amanda Layne Miller

Amanda Layne Miller (she/her)

Woke, The Morning Show

Annemarie Hauser (she/her)

Los Angeles Times Studios

Becca Mann

Becca Mann (she/her)

The Wilds, The Morning Show, Cruel Summer

Bren Coombs

Bren Coombs (they/them)

The Clexa Project

Caitlyn Clea in orange top and pants. Background is a mural with yellow and green and orange.

Caitlyn Clear (she/her)

The Flame, Journey to the Heart

Photo of Camille Elston

Camille Elston (she/they)

The Queer 26, Clarity

Cat Crimins

Cat Crimins (she/her)

She Nerds Out Podcast

Cat Staggs

Cat Staggs (she/her)

Crosswind, Wonder Woman '77

Christina Hulen

Chris Hulen (She/Her)

Everything's Fine

David J. Peterson

David J. Peterson (He/Him/His)

Motherland: Fort Salem, The 100, Defiance

Deb Simone

Deb Simone (She/Her/That Wench)

Queer As Folk, Genera+ion, Better Things

Eden and Jay

Eden and Jay (she/her)

Social Media Influencers

Emer Kinsella

Emer Kinsella (she/her)

Saturn, I Hate New Years

Photo of Giovannie Espiritu

Giovannie Espiritu (she/her)

Dyke Central, Ally 3000

Jackie Monahan

Jackie Monahan (She, Her, They)

Never Normal, Queer Riot

Photo of Jane Clark

Jane Clark (she/her)

Elena Undone, Meth Head, Crazy Bitches

Jessie Sams

Jessie Sams (she/her)

Motherland: Fort Salem

Jett Garrison

Jett Garrison (he/they)


Judy Carter

Judy Carter (she/her)

The New Comedy Bible


Julie Pacino (she/her)

I Live Here Now

Photo of Kacy Boccumini

Kacy Boccumini (he/him)

The Real L Word, The Stores We Tell

Headshot of Kayden Phoenix

Kayden Phoenix (she/her)

Penance, A La Brava

Kayleen Casey

Kayleen Casey (She/her)

Light As a Feather, Queer Field Day

Kimber Springs

Kimber Springs (They/she)

Musician, Queer Field Day

Photo of Leah Breuer

Leah Breuer (she/her)

What/If, All Rise, 4400

Lilly Brown

Lilly Brown (she/her)

Queer Field Day

Photo of Lise Johnson

Lise Angelica Johnson (she/her)

Upload, Physical, Dollface

Liza Katsman

Liza Katsman (she/her/hers)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist

Mara Palma

Mara Palma (she/her)

Teaching Artist

Mariel Taren

Mariel Taren (she/her)

For All Mankind

Photo of Nami Melumad

Nami Melumad (she/her)

Thor: Love and Thunder, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Photo of Nicole de Meneses

Nicole de Meneses (she/her)

Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse, Nightcap, Blood Bond

Nik Kacy

NiK Kacy (They/Them)

NiK Kacy Footwear, Equality Fashion Week


Puppett (they/them, she)

NANA DARA IS GAY, Razor Tongue, Wedlocked

Rose Bladh

Rose Bladh (she/her)

Production Sound, A24, Disney, 21 Laps Entertainment

Sarah Reeves

Sarah C. Reeves (she/her)

Star Trek: Picard, Westworld, Washington Black

Shaan Dasani

Shaan Dasani (he/they)

These Thems, Razor Tongue

Photo of Stephanie Neroes

Stephanie Neroes (she/her)

Atypical, All American: Homecoming

Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver (he/him)

Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Clerks: The Animated Series

Syama Meagher

Syama Meagher (she/her)

Founder, Advisor, Investor & Consultant

Teresa Lee

Teresa Lee (she/her)

Butch Pal for the Straight Gal, I Think She Likes You