Queerly Beloved Revue and ClexaCon presents Fem Slash Bash California Dreamin'

Queerly Beloved Revue and ClexaCon present:


California Dreamin’

A Burlesque & Drag FanFic Experience

Saturday, August 27th, 2022 | Anaheim, CA

Featuring Special Guest Host

Cuntry Boi

Whether he’s at the farm or on stage, Cuntry Boi really knows how to put the Yee in your Haw. LA Times describes him as “the Santa Monica Blvd of drag performers” because “everyone is getting off on him.”

His southern will charm you, his rhinestones will dazzle you, his arms will rock you through the night.


Amaya Absynthe

Amaya Absynthe

She is a double award winning performer with a booty to die for. She specializes in hip hop, pole dance, and aerial lyra; and can be described as “erotic poetry in motion”. She’s a member of the Burlesque and Chill burlesque troupe, and produces the show, 8-Bit Babes Burlesque, in Burbank, California. She is the “Scarlet Haired Harlot of Seduction and Destruction”. Take an intoxicating sip of Amaya Absynthe.

Blanca Dorado

A long time burlesque lover, Blanca attended Indigo Blue’s academy of burlesque in 2020. After a pandemic-induced hiatus, they are back to carve their way into the burlesque world, and your hearts. A combination of sex, sarcasm, and macabre, Blanca hopes to entertain.

Camila Sky

Camilla Sky

A life-long dancer, this Seattle-based performer started hosting dance offs in third grade and teaching her friends her choreography to Ciara’s 1, 2 Step.  She’s fine tuned those playground moves into saucy musicality that puts the blush in a sunset, and will make you wish every day could end with Camila Sky.

Candida Valentina

Candida Valentina

Known as The Latine Goth Goddexx of Burlesque, Candida Valentina is not one to be trifled with. This bicoastal burlesquer got their start in the ATL, but now calls the Emerald City (Seattle) home. This model, performer, actor and lesbian has all the right moves in all the right places. You can try to resist their wicked charms, but it is only a matter of time before you and your wallet succumb to their will.

Mx. Valentina has over 11 years of performance experience slipped under their garter belt and secured tightly in fishnet. They are the founder and producer of Queerly Beloved Revue (ATL, SEA, & Las Vegas) and recently started a bi-monthly emo burlesque show at The Factory Luxe in SoDo. You might have caught their signature blend of queerlesque/draglesque/nerdlesque at the Savannah Burlesque Fest, Smokey Mountain Burlesque Fest, ClexaCon, Burlesque Hall of Fame, Dragoncon, Outlanta Con, Sexacola, Girls in Wonderland, Frolicon, Conjuration, Atlanta Pride, Seattle Pride, Orlando Pride, Charlotte Pride, & Las Vegas Pride.

Whether taking shots of silver tequila or making an audience member question their sexuality, Mx. Valentina channels the gender fluidity of Prince with the perfectly raised eyebrow of Morticia Addams. Don we now our goth apparel and bow down to Candida Valentina!

Seraphina Wilder

Seraphina Wilder

Seraphina Wilder, has captivated audiences across the country and throughout LA as “the fever dream girl of burlesque.” The statuesque stunner is known for her ethereal and uniquely creative performances that span from nerdlesque to neo to classic with her signature hypnotic style. She has graced the stages of longstanding LA shows including Monday Night Tease, TRiPtease, Peepshow Menagerie, MUSE burlesque and many, many more and featured in festivals including A Burly Q, Hollywood Burlesque Festival, Seattle Marathong, FIERCE! (A Queer Festival), the New York Nerdlesque Festival and the first ever virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame. She has also appeared in Jacq the Stripper’s LA Sex Witch Tour and the first ever Synesthesia 3-D Dance Experience. A Jill of all trades, she also spins on decks as a DJ and illustrates her own zines. She is heavenly by name, but wilder by nature with legs so long it’s gotta be a sin. Seraphina Wilder seduces audiences into a sexy world of tease where angels burn hot.