Special Events

We’re going to Disneyland! Grab your ticket to spend a day at the most magical place on Earth with new and old friends. Take part in the scavenger hunt to win some cool prizes like autographs and swag.


Queerly Beloved Revue has once again joined forces with ClexaCon to bring you Queerly Beloved Revue presents California Dreamin’.

Featuring Special Guest Host: Cuntry Boi (Kimber Springs), with: Blanca Dorado, Camila Sky, Candida Valentina, Pussy Willow

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ClexaCon attendees hugging at a previous Speed Friending event

Speed Friending

Worried that you won’t know anyone at ClexaCon 2022? Nervous you’ll spend your weekend with no one to share your excitement with? We’ve got you covered! ClexaCon will be hosting our annual Speed Friending event!

Speed friending is similar in concept to speed dating in that it gives participants a chance to meet other people in a fast and structured way for the purpose of determining a friendly connection.

So before the convention officially opens its doors, you’ll already have a head start on those life long friendships that are inevitable from meeting at ClexaCon!

We hope to see you there!

Pool Party

Arrive early to the convention for an afternoon of fun by the pool! Join us to cool off, have a drink, play some games with Queer Field Day, and meet old and new friends.

Bring your bathing suit and your floaties as we chill in the calm before the storm that is ClexaCon 2022! Because really, who doesn’t want to drift around a pool on an inflatable unicorn?!

Game Night

Join us for boardgames and fun with ClexaCon and Queer Field Day as we kick off ClexaCon 2022 Anaheim on Friday, August 26! Whether you are attending the Day at Disneyland or getting in later, come and play some games, meet some people, and get in the mood for community.

ClexaCon attendees posing for a group photo at a previous Game Night event


It’s karaoke… but queer! Join us to sing some tunes and have some fun with new and old friends and your special host of ceremonies Dana Piccoli!