“It’s the fanbase’s connection and adoration of the character that inspires the passion driving the force of keeping Lexa’s Legacy alive”Nicola Choi reflects on how The 100’s dearly departed Lexa left her mark.

There are certain phrases you will simply associate with television and media alike just because. Who actually was the first to say, “Television isn’t in a vacuum”? Whoever they are, they coined the entertainment industry’s equivalent to Albert Einstein’s E = mc2 equation.

So, why not throw another one into the mix? And that phrase is “Lexa’s Legacy” – something coined after Alycia Debnam-Carey’s poorly executed exit from the show, and the movement it spurred henceforth. For the second year running now, ClexaCon has reigned supreme over Las Vegas for several nights, bringing into the mix everyone’s favourite television ships, as well as an emotional trip down memory lane.

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