It began with a single moment: a door opening, a bullet firing and a character gone from the annuls of the 2016 TV winter season forever. Lexa wasn’t the first to die and she certainly wasn’t the last, but her death did mark a new crescendo of awareness for a trope that has claimed the fictional lives of 175 queer female characters on TV to date, thirty of whom were killed in 2016 alone. “The 100’s” Lexa was the sixth to die last year and due largely to the queer community’s baited investment in her story and romance with character Clarke Griffin, her death was one of the most deeply felt within the LGBT community. It was also among the most widely discussed outside of the community due to the very vocal backlash it prompted from its baited audience. The message of the backlash? Kill the characters you bait us into watching and we will take our viewership elsewhere.

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