It was fitting that ClexaCon would take place a year after the infamous episode 307. A year after a show decided that perpetuating the bury your gays trope was the best way to add shock value and ratings, a group of LGBTQ+ folks gathered in Las Vegas for a constructive and positive discussion of the issues surrounding this trend.

This past weekend felt like a great first step to talk about the importance of diversity and fair representation of LGBTQ+ women in the media. I have been an attendee and worked at cons before, and for a first-time convention, ClexaCon was amazingly organized (kudos to the staff). For the amount of attendees (2200+), the space itself was the perfect size. Other than a few meetups where people were a bit confused as to what was supposed to happen, all the panels I attended were fun, organized and filled with relevant opinions and conversations regarding fair and accurate LGBTQ+ representation.

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